Indiana 2012 Graduation Rates: Search For Your High School's Numbers

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Indiana’s graduation rate ticked upward in 2012 to 88.4 percent, representing an increase of 10 percentage points in five years. State education officials calculate the graduation rate differently than federal officials, who say Indiana’s graduation rate is 87 percent.

We’ve posted the graduation rates by school in a sortable, searchable table below. When we use the term “class size,” we’re referring to what the state calls the “graduation cohort” — that’s essentially the number of students the state expected to graduate in 2012 based on their starting ninth grade in 2008 (although calculating the cohort size is more complicated than that).

We’ve posted the number of students in the 2012 class (“cohort”) for each school, the number of students who graduated from that class, and the resulting graduation rate.

Sort the results by clicking on the arrows in the headers. Search for your school by typing in the box marked “Filter.”

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