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How International Students Could Help Revitalize A School District

Senior Jose Valdivia of Bolivia came to Kokomo because he thinks going to an high school in Indiana will make it easier to get into an American university. Valdivia, who wants to study engineering, says his top picks are Purdue and Texas A&M.

With per pupil funding decreasing in Indiana, educators are searching for ways to generate revenue. In Kokomo, one district has turned an abandoned building into a residence hall for international students — a concept largely untried among public schools in the state — hoping to bring in more than a quarter million dollars for the […]

Should More Indiana Students Be Taking Advanced Classes?

If you watched The Masters golf tournament last Sunday, chances are you noticed this commercial. You remember it: blue screen, swirling pictures of countries, something about 25th in the world in teaching math and science, and doing something about improving that standing. On Sunday, you watched that commercial for the National Math and Science Initiative between […]

What Does IU's Big Fundraising Year Mean For Students?

2011 was a much better year for donations to colleges and universities, The Chronicle for Higher Education reports, and Indiana University had a better year than most. The total amount IU received in grants and gifts last year — more than $295 million — ranked 17th in a national survey of college giving whose results were released this week, […]

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