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Your Guide To School Referenda On The May 2016 Ballot

As the May 3 Indiana primary approaches, ten school districts across the state are asking voters to raise taxes to fund school projects. In November 2008, Indiana’s public school districts began posing more and more school funding questions to their communities on the ballot – should taxes be raised to fund a certain construction project or boost the district’s general fund? If a […]

American Schools And Their Funding Problem

(Alyson Hurt and Katie Park/NPR)

Over the next few weeks the Ed Team at NPR is tackling a simple question: Why do some schools have so much money, while others, well, don’t? This reporting project is a national collaboration. StateImpact Indiana’s own Claire McInerny was one of 20 education journalists who contributed across the country, and the project explores the dollars behind schools both rich […]

Indiana’s New Science Standards Require Computer Science

The State Board of Education approved new sciences standards for K-12 students Friday. For the first time, computer science will be required for elementary and middle school students. The Indiana Department of Education is required to update standards every six years. Jeremy Eltz, Assistant Director of College and Career Readiness for the DOE, oversaw the re-write of […]

$50 Million State Voucher Program Continues To Grow

The Department of Education released its annual choice scholarship program report Thursday, showing participation in the scholarship continues to grow, with almost three percent of students statewide using the scholarships to attend a private school. More than 32,000 students now use scholarships, up from around 4,000 students the first year, 2011-2012. The choice scholarship program […]

Indiana Students On State Financial Aid Keep Pace With Stricter Eligibility Requirements

A rising number of Hoosier college students with financial need are on track to graduate in four years, according to a report from the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. Indiana’s 21st Century Scholar program offers income-eligible Hoosier students up to four years of full tuition at certain Indiana colleges. In 2014-2015 school year, the number of 21st Century Scholars taking […]

Purdue Students’ Attempt To Form Labor Union An Uphill Battle

A group of graduate students at Purdue are attempting to form a labor union so they can collectively bargain benefits, wages and grieve unfair labor practices. Michelle Campbell is a doctoral student in literary studies at Purdue, and says many graduate students work for the university teaching undergraduate classes or work in research labs. Campbell says the […]

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