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Seven Oaks Charter Sees Increase In Enrollment In Monroe County

Monroe County’s first charter school is reporting more students enrolling in its 2016-2017 academic year. Seven Oaks Classical School board members said while they should be ready by this August, they still don’t know where the school is going to go. Seven Oaks school board member Terry English says the latest numbers show 84 students ready to attend classes, up […]

What Made It Through The First Half Of The Legislative Session?

This week marked the halfway point for the 2016 General Assembly – when the house and senate pass their original bills and then switch, passing them to the other house. Following are the education bills that made it through the first half and moved to the opposite chamber. [Check out our database of all education legislation, updated every week.] […]

Where The Biggest Education Bills Are Midway Through Session

This week marks the halfway point of the 2016 legislative session Legislators will spend the week finalizing which bills will go to the opposite chamber, thus moving them into the next phase of the legislative process. The House and Senate must pass any bills originating in their chamber by Wednesday if the bill is to continue […]

Lingering ISTEP Score Issues Could Help Three Failing Schools

The State Board of Education meets Tuesday for it’s monthly meeting, and the big agenda item this week is approving the 2015 A-F grades. After the late release of the 2015 ISTEP+ scores earlier this month, which factor heavily in the calculation of A-F grades, we saw a huge drop in scores – almost 20 percent lower […]

Pence Signs Bills Helping Teachers, Schools In ISTEP Aftermath

Governor Pence Thursday signed two bills that shield teachers and schools from the 2015 ISTEP+ scores. HB 1003 says that low ISTEP+ scores cannot be calculated into a teacher’s evaluation this year, but can only be used if the scores would help the evaluation.- OR can only be calculated into a teacher’s evaluation this year if […]

ISTEP Bills Move Quickly Through Legislature

As promised, bills to protect schools and teachers from the expected drop in ISTEP scores are moving swiftly through legislative chambers. SB 200, which would allow schools to use the better of their 2014 or 2015 A-F grade passed almost unanimously through the Senate with only one vote against. HB 1003, which would eliminate low ISTEP+ […]

Ritz Gives Insight On Plan To Get Rid Of ISTEP

Legislators on both sides of the the aisle are weighing the value of the ISTEP+ this session, and Monday state superintendent Glenda Ritz suggested a first step. The state currently has a contract with testing vendor Pearson to administer the ISTEP+ for two more years. They can’t break this, but Ritz is proposing she co-chair a […]

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