Interactive Map: Campaign Contributions To Tony Bennett Since 2008

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Tony Bennett’s re-election campaign has received more than $1.3 million in contributions since the state superintendent’s initial election in November 2008. Roughly 40 percent of those contributions came from outside Indiana. We wrote up a list of the top five donors and we’ve posted the complete contribution data in a sortable table below the map. (We’ve also posted all of Democrat Glenda Ritz’s contributions on a separate page.) We’re curious about your feedback: Are there any contributions that catch your eye? Any patterns? Does this data raise any questions for you? Leave your answers in the comments section.

SOURCE: Indiana Secretary of State Campaign Finance Reports (November 2008 – July 2012)

Type in the box below to search for a donor to Bennett’s campaign by name, city, state, zip code or amount. You can also sort the data by size of donation, city, date or contributor by clicking on the arrows in the header of the table.

  • Tommy Dolley

    Why are we putting this money into the schools instead of campaigns. Seriously Wal-mart gave him $200,000.00 for his campaign. Come on what does Indiana have to do with Bentonville?

  • Tommy Dolley

    We aren’t we putting this money into the schools instead of a campaign? And what does Indiana have to do with the Walton family of Bentonville?

  • Elizabeth Annarino

    I’m also curious about $200ka from Walton. Pushing the Wal-Mart agenda of big box schools? Additionally $10k from Alexandria, VA PAC? Seems there is sn imbalance in the election process and big business has bought the Superintendent of Ed in Indiana. How is that equitable for students and professional educators?

  • Carol Ewing

    Ms. Ritz would get her name out there more effectively with more $$$. That’s what it takes.

  • Luke Brighton

    Most of the larger contributors are highly involved in educational reform on a national level. They recognize that certain aspects of the educational system in the United States need change, and they are willing to contribute to the candidate who is fighting for the same changes. National donors are not a sign of a buy-out of the Superintendent, but that Indiana is leading educational reform. Indiana is very progressive when it comes to educational reform, and as such numerous contributors are supporting the changes that are being made.

    • Teresa Wardwell Wiley

      No Luke this is a very wrong thing. Tony has sold himself to the Ed Reform people as someone who is implementing change, but all he is doing is looking for the highest bidder for Indiana’s public schools. He is terribly wrong for education and for Indiana. Our state does not need someone like Tony in the office of Superintendent of PUBLIC Instruction.

  • Kate

    How can he spend the money? Can he hire his family members to work his campaign? What is it being spent on? How can we find that out? And what happens to all this money if he “loses” the race? What happens to all of this money if he wins the race?