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The Daily Report Card: Video From The Board Of Education, County Rankings On Education

Video: Indiana State Board of Education Meeting Full video, audio and agenda of the Indiana State Board of Education meeting on April 4th, 2012. (

Voters Want to Hear More About Education This Election Season So far in this campaign season, education has gotten about as much airtime as saving the ivory billed woodpecker. But some folks at the College Board (aka the people who bring you the SAT and AP testing) are hoping to change that. The organization today released a survey of swing state voters, showing that the folks candidates are hoping to reach want to hear way more about how they plan to address issues like school funding and college affordability. (

Is the Media Biased in Favor of Reform? It Depends on the Reform The media has indeed been obsessed with the teacher effectiveness agenda. That’s one finding of my own analysis of education reporting that I just published in Education Next. My team and I coded all of the national education stories published in 2011 in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, and Associated Press. And sure enough, teacher-related policies were covered more than any other topic.But can you really blame the reporters? (

New county ‘report card’ grades community assets A new report card that ranks Indiana counties on their assets and liabilities may rankle some counties that fared poorly, especially those that flunked health and education. (

Why It’s Time to Eliminate Class Schedules As I stare out across the ocean of students I teach everyday, I wonder if their obsession with grades comes from an unexpected source: the way we schedule their classes. Perhaps clamoring for meaningless grades and inflated A’s is a side effect of the herd mentality present in schools and the schedules we use to create and maintain that mentality. (Good)


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