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Online Petition: Governor Pence, Let Ritz Do Her Job

An online petition asking Governor Pence and his State Board of Education appointees to stop interfering with state superintendent Glenda Ritz’s duties gained almost 500 signatures over the weekend.

Governor Mike Pence and state superintendent Glenda Ritz co-chaired the Education Roundtable meeting in June.

Claire McInerny/StateImpact Indiana

Governor Mike Pence and state superintendent Glenda Ritz co-chaired the Education Roundtable meeting in June.

The College Democrats of Indiana filed the petition on with a goal of 1,000 signatures. So far the petition has 478.

The group cites Wednesday’s state board meeting as the final straw leading them to draft this petition. During the meeting, the board proposed and passed two resolutions that took away Ritz’s complete authority in planning meetings and overseeing the continuance of the No Child Left behind waiver. 

In a letter to Pence included in the petition, the CDIN say,”You and your appointed allies on the State Board of Education have made it part of your mission to block Superintendent Ritz at every turn.”

They go on to say if Pence wanted to run the Department of Education and State Board of Education he should have run for Ritz’s position in 2012.

Sentiments similar to the language found in the petition were heard during public comment periods at Wednesday’s meeting, with members of the American Federation of Teachers and Indiana State Teachers Association encouraging the board to let Ritz act as chair and stop passing resolutions that prevented her from doing so.


  • Ken Pimple

    629 signatures just now, including mine.

  • sankofa


  • Peg

    Please, let our elected official do her job!

  • Marianne Allbright

    The entire debate about Glenda Ritz’s job smacks of the same self centered and self serving governmental policies of an administration that wanted to introduce it’s own news service (Just IN). It degrades the foundational principles of this nation. The next thing I expect to see is the ability for our governor to run for both governor and president at the same time, choosing – by default – to serve only in the position to which he is elected. How will he feel at that time if others fight to change the job duties of his elected position to fit their own selfish desires?

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