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Six Things We Learned From The ISTEP+ Validity Report

Bloomington educator Nancy Fisher looks at a computer graph summarizing student data.

Kyle Stokes / StateImpact Indiana

Bloomington educator Nancy Fisher looks at a computer graph summarizing student data.

“Given the volume and the nature of the interruptions” to online ISTEP+ exams last spring, testing expert Richard Hill believes his finding — that those disruptions had no measurable negative impact on students’ scores — “certainly will come as a surprise to many.”

But there are other surprising nuggets in his review, which state officials unveiled Monday afternoon. We’ve picked six that stood out to us and linked each of them to the relevant portion of Hill’s full report, which you’ll find below:

  1. The IREAD-3’s impact.
  2. The one table you need to see.
  3. The length of interruptions.
  4. One reason why the online test ‘didn’t save’ students’ answers.
  5. One reason why CTB’s reported interruption numbers are different from the districts’ reports.
  6. One important caveat.


  • Jorfer88

    I see a clear difference in scores in the 6th and 7th grade when student apathy becomes more of a problem. If 10% of the student body gets a 27 point difference in scores that will be a 2.7 point difference in the average score, which is what we see here (a 3 point average difference) in both categories. If more than 20% of the class gets problems. You are more likely to be patient with the process since many people around you is experiencing the same problem (1 in 5 versus 1 in 10).

  • Mouse Rat

    More lies with statistics.

    The monetary cost of the delays? Compared to legislated fines levied and collected, compared to the tens of millions paid out to McGraw-Hill CTB?

    This is just a “feel good” report to whitewash a scandalous failure by another private contractor.

  • Jorfer88

    It appears everything is fine on a grand scale, so maybe the effect of cheating by having extra time to figure out the answers to questions cancelled out all those student breakdowns because of the stress of rescheduling and hurrying through the test to keep from losing work.

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