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Compromise Would Keep Indiana In Common Core — For Now

Kyle Stokes / StateImpact Indiana

Sen. Dennis Kruse, R-Auburn, leads last week's Indiana Senate Education Committee meeting.

We noted last week Indiana General Assembly members were working on a compromise that would allow further discussion about the state’s adoption of the Common Core academic standards.

It appears the compromise has taken shape, stopping short of pulling Indiana out of the consortium of 46 states that have already adopted the standards — at least for now. From the AP:

Republican Sen. Scott Schneider of Indianapolis tells The Associated Press that he expects the Senate Education Committee to vote today on a proposal to suspend implementation of the national standards while the State Board of Education holds new hearings on what should be included in Indiana standards.

Schneider says the Board of Education would then decide by year’s end whether to change the standards. 

Educators have already rolled out the standards in kindergarten and first grade classrooms statewide this year, as we’ve been reporting on. The standards are currently slated for implementation in second grade next school year.

Senate Education Committee Chair Dennis Kruse, R-Auburn told StateImpact last week the compromise would follow the lead of state superintendent Glenda Ritz, who has called for more discussion of the Common Core.

“I’m not taking positions on Common Core necessarily,” Ritz told us last week. “In mathematics, we have to have some conversation about what we’re doing with standards and the assessments and the delivery system that we’re going to have in place.”

Ritz said she did not support the Common Core pullout bill prior to the amendments, which will likely be unveiled at the Indiana Senate Education Committee meeting Wednesday afternoon.

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  • Erin Tuttle

    Kyle, You are misrepresenting what the bill does. It calls for Common Core implementation to STOP. It does not let it stand for now. Please call us if you have questions or need someone to interpret the bill for you. Senator Schneider would be happy to enlighten you as to the bill’s intent.

    • kystokes

      Hi Erin, I appreciate you keeping us in check here. But I’m not sure what you’re seeing here that’s so objectionable:
      (1) This post went up before the amendment was passed — it was a preview story ahead of the Committee meeting, not a wrap-up of the Committee meeting.
      (2) I use the words “suspend implementation” (it’s in the AP story excerpted)… which does not, as I write above, lead to the state’s immediate pullout of the Common Core.

      • Lynn McCarty

        We require Cscope to be 100% transparent. They are relatively unknown. How do we evaluate or vote on something that we cant even see? It is my belief that things like rewriting history from what has been traditionally taught in schools should be viewed with great scrutiny. Have we completely bypassed congress on what our children are to be taught? This is still a representative government not a dictatorship. Some of the examples I have heard about common core/CScope are very disturbing.

    • kystokes
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