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Your Thoughts On President Obama's State Of The Union Pre-K Pitch

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President Barack Obama acknowledges Vice President Joe Biden before delivering his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress.

In his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Obama proposed “working with states to make high-quality pre-school available to every child in America.” Here’s a sampling of the reaction from Hoosiers — and a few others — on Twitter to the president’s proposal:

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  • Cathy Fuentes-Rohwer

    I am frightened of what these people’s vision of early childhood education would be. I’ve seen what the Republican politicians believe and have imposed on our elementary and secondary schools: attach stakes to standardized testing to ensure that schools and teachers have no choice but to teach to that test. Heck, even Tony Bennett said that teaching to the test was a good thing because all we want children to know is on that test. As a mother of four, I want my children to be more than test scores. I want them to play because I know that is how they learn. In elementary schools we have less and less free time in our children’s day to play. We have extended their school days in my town so that we are literally robbing them of the chance to play in their childhood if they cannot do it in school. Our youngest children should not be subjected to more of that. Will we have preschoolers practice fine motor skills by filling in bubble sheets? At any rate, early childhood is the answer to much of the achievement gap, but it totally depends on what that program looks like and how you will evaluate it. I don’t want good test takers. I want thoughtful, responsible, creative and caring citizens for our future.

    • Susie Highley

      It’s not just Republicans. Look at what Obama and Duncan have proposed. How is RTTT fair to all?

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