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Live Election Results: Bennett-Ritz State Superintendent Race & Education Issues


  • mlm

    Tony Bennett is the best thing that has happened to Indiana schools in decades. But the Indiana voters have not supported him. Now you have elected another Suellen Reed who is the one who ran our schools into the ground. Our poor kids dont have a chance. I am so upset with the people of Indiana. Tony Bennett should have been re-elected but apparently this state does not want its students to get a good education. Thats sad. My thanks to Mr Bennett for all his good work.

    • One happy teacher!

      You must not be a teacher. Tony Bennett has teachers working under fear of poor ratings, many of which include factors that are out of their control. Effective lesson plans with creativity are being replaced by rigid indicators that often do not fit the styles of teaching that have made them so effective.

      Administrators are running ragged with all of the evaluations they have to do, and it takes away from areas where their leadership and guidance are needed. He believes schools should be run like a business; which they should NOT. I’m thankful that someone who understands an effective educational process has claimed this office!

  • name

    screw bennet

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