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More Bad News About Tuition

Leave it to the Wall Street Journal to come up with a story about personal finance and tuition.

With freshman orientation right around the corner, many college students and their parents are about to get a surprise that could derail years of careful financial planning: last-minute tuition increases and cuts to financial aid packages promised just a few short months ago…

Since March, at least 19 states have cut money for public colleges. Some states, including Illinois and Georgia, are also slashing grants awarded to students just a few months ago.

“This will create real hardship for these students and may impact directly on their ability to enroll this fall,” says Tom Horgan, president of the New Hampshire College and University Council.

We’ve been following tuition news here in Indiana where prices are on the climb — 3.5 percent at Purdue and Indiana University, not including a whole slate of additional fees and charges.


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