Hoosier Hospitality: Craft Beer DVD or Blu-ray

Hoosier Hospitality: Craft Beer DVD or Blu-ray

WTIU’s Hoosier Hospitality: Craft Beer is an hour-long travelogue and informative television documentary that takes you on an arm-chair journey into the world of craft beer and micro-brewing in Indiana.

Meet unique individuals and hear their stories about craft beer and the art of brewing. We’ll take you to unique micro-breweries, clubs, festivals and gatherings of craft beer enthusiasts.

Viewers will get a unique behind-the-scenes tour of three of the larger breweries in Indiana: Broad Ripple Brewpub, Three Floyds Brewing Company, and Upland Brewing Company. Plus, viewers receive a brief look at the history of beer in Indiana, as well as lessons on basic craft beer ingredients, pairing foods and cooking with craft beer, and how to get started making your own craft beer.

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