Rev. Ernest D. Butler: Rebel with a Cause DVD

Rev. Ernest D. Butler: Rebel with a Cause DVD

The story of Reverend Ernest D. Butler, a crusader for civil rights during its most tumultuous era in Bloomington.

This documentary tells the story of Reverend Ernest Butler, his family, and his efforts as a grass roots civil rights activist. The documentary traces his childhood and formative years as a pastor in Connersville to his efforts to integrate public and private facilities in Noblesville. The major segment of the video concentrates on his years in Bloomington, as pastor of the Second Baptist Church. It describes the conditions he confronted on arrival in Bloomington in 1959, and examines his efforts to open up employment and housing opportunities for African Americans in Bloomington. Attention is also given to his daily struggle to improve the lives of the members of his church and the wider community.

The DVD contains the 28 minute program and approximately 19 minutes of additional material, including two songs and extended interview footage.


Price: $15.00


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