Spirit of Monroe County III DVD or Blu-ray

Spirit of Monroe County III DVD or Blu-ray

The story of the people and events that define the basic character of Monroe County continues in Spirit of Monroe County III, with a focus on arts and culture, life sciences, and diversity.

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Monroe County has a long and storied history—a history chronicled in the WTIU-produced documentaries Spirit of Monroe County I and II. The latest installment, SPIRIT OF MONROE COUNTY III, turns to the present, documenting the county’s abundance of resources in arts and culture, science, and the people who make it all happen.

In part I of the documentary, “Arts & Culture,” producer John Winninger takes a behind the scenes look at the success of the Cardinal Stage Company, samples local delicacies at the Bloomington Farmer’s Market, Oliver Winery and Taste of Bloomington, and visits some of Monroe County’s many seasonal festivals.

Part II, “Life Sciences,” surveys some of the most exciting advances in life sciences research and business in Monroe County, including cutting edge proton therapy at the IU Cyclotron facility, and recent developments on stent technology at Cook Medical.

Part III, “Diversity,” finds Winninger exploring the incredible variety of people and institutions that are the heart and soul of Monroe County.

In chronicling the here and now, SPIRIT OF MONROE COUNTY III depicts a region where a flourishing of arts and culture, scientific discovery and diversity point toward an even more dynamic future.

Production support provided by Smithville Telephone, McCrea & McCrea, and CFC, Inc.

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