Our Town: Columbus DVD or Blu-ray

Our Town: Columbus DVD or Blu-ray

Columbus, Indiana’s motto is “Unexpected, Unforgettable.” Our Town: Columbus tells the story of this truly surprising city, from its origins as a small agricultural community to its modern incarnation as a multicultural city, home to one of the world’s most impressive collections of modern buildings, and one of the country’s most dynamic corporations.

For architecture enthusiasts, Columbus is best known for its incredible collection of modern structures, featuring buildings and bridges designed by some of the world's most famous architects, including I.M. Pei, Eero and Eliel Saarinen, Richard Meier, Eliot Noyes, and many others. This hour-long documentary tells the stories behind Columbus's famous Bartholomew County Courthouse, the revolutionary First Christian Church, and the spectacular private residence of former Cummins Corporation CEO J. Irwin Miller.

Columbus, though, is about more than just architecture. Our Town: Columbus also depicts the city's early years, when Columbus was the epicenter of a thriving furniture industry, producing some of the world's finest pieces. Viewers will also learn about the young entrepreneur Clessie Cummins and the founding and rise of his company, Cummins Engine Company - one of the world's largest and most innovative makers of diesel engines.

Throughout the 20th century and into the 21st, Columbus has played an important role in world events, serving as home to Camp Atterbury - an important training ground and hospital during the Second World War - and continuing to support and promote architectural innovation. Today, with its newly revitalized downtown, year-round festivals, state-of-the-art hospital, and burgeoning business community, Columbus is truly thriving.

Our Town: Columbus captures the spirit and tells the remarkable story of this truly unexpected, unforgettable gem of a town.

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