The Weekly Special DVD

The Weekly Special DVD

Order individual episodes of our weekly magazine program, THE WEEKLY SPECIAL featuring local news, events, and musical guests.

THE WEEKLY SPECIAL is an eclectic local magazine program that looks at issues, events, people and things of interest in our broadcast area. The program looks at what’s creating the buzz in our viewing area each week. If a regional political issue, incident or event is gaining attention, THE WEEKLY SPECIAL provides the background, finds the right people and gathers the latest information. If a special entertainment or artistic event visits the region, THE WEEKLY SPECIAL takes you there. The program even introduces you to fascinating things and people who are all around you but often go unnoticed. THE WEEKLY SPECIAL airs Thursdays at 8pm and Fridays at 6pm on WTIU.

DVD’s are available from 2010-present.

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Price: $10.00


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