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Studio Production

  • Director

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    Photo: IU RTVS

    Studio Control Room


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    Photo: IU RTVS

    RTVS in studio creating the Friday Zone

  • the Weekly Special

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    RTVS in studio producing the Weekly Special.

  • Mayoral Debate

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    RTVS bring the Mayoral Debate live to local viewers.

  • Jen

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    RTVS crew working hard in the control room.


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    Photo: IU RTVS

    RTVS works on set of InFocus.

The RTVS production studios and control facilities are available for live or recorded high definition programming.

Our production studios are an excellent match when you need a quiet place to record an important on-camera message. Or, if you require a very large set backdrop for a larger production, our large studio is an excellent fit.

Our large studio is also well suited for events, classroom instruction and trainings, or still photography projects.

Our Studios

Studio 6 is one 89’x55’x20’ studio with a 20’ high lighting grid. The lighting grid is accessible via 32 electric batens. This is one of the largest studios of its kind in the entire Midwest!

Control 6 is an HD control facility, complete with a 3.5 M/E HD switcher, Everts monitor wall, multiple format record/playback room, video CCU control, graphics, teleprompter, digital audio, and multiple producer/intercom stations.

Studio N is a headshot/insert studio only, featuring a fixed HD headshot camera, teleprompter, and microphone/IFB setup.

Studio 6 Lighting/Grip Spec Sheet

Control 6 Spec Sheet

IU Radio & Television Services is a video and audio production powerhouse.

Using the highest quality production equipment, personnel, and experience, we work with clients to create videos and audio for broadcast, web, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, and any other possible means of distribution.

Our work has been honored by The Emmy Awards, Cine Golden Eagle Awards, Telly Awards, Society of Professional Journalists Awards, and many others.

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