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August 18, 2014


Paul Tash in dark suit jacket, red tie, blue dress shirt, glasses

Journalist and CEO Paul Tash

Owen Johnson speaks with South Bend native and IU alumnus Paul C. Tash, chairman and CEO of the Times Publishing Company, which owns the Tampa Bay Times.

March 8, 2013


Yehuda Avner in dark suit, red striped tie

Ambassador Yehuda Avner

Owen Johnson speaks with former Israeli prime ministerial advisor and diplomat Yehuda Avner.

February 8, 2013


Rajiv Chandrasekaran in suit, no tie, glasses,  a few days' growth

Journalist and Author Rajiv Chandrasekaran

Owen Johnson interviews Rajiv Chandrasekaran, senior correspondent and associate editor at The Washington Post.

January 14, 2013


Andrew Ferguson in black suit, red tie, light blue shirt. He has longish gray hair and a mustache.

Journalist and Author Andrew Ferguson

Owen Johnson interviews journalist, author, and former White House speechwriter Andrew Ferguson.

February 11, 2011


Lara Logan seated, wearing a black suit jacket

Broadcast Journalist Lara Logan

Owen Johnson interviews 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan and plays two of her favorite pieces of music.

January 31, 2011


Dick Enberg speaking in a classroom

Sportscaster Dick Enberg

Owen Johnson interviews veteran sportscaster and IU alumnus Dick Enberg.

November 23, 2010


Michael Schudson in grey suit and red tie, outside with green bushes behind him

Media Scholar Michael Schudson

Owen Johnson speaks with Columbia University journalism professor Michael Schudson, a scholar of the history and sociology of the news media.

November 19, 2010


Gay Talese in a three-piece suit and fedora

Journalist Gay Talese

Owen Johnson hosts this interview with Gay Talese, one of the founders of the “New Journalism.”

June 10, 2010


Ken Auletta

Writer And Media Critic Ken Auletta

Media critic Ken Auletta in conversation with Owen Johnson

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