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Independent Filmmaker John Sayles

Annie Corrigan interviews author, screenwriter, and director John Sayles.

John Sayles in black polo shirt and white slacks, hands in pockets

Photo: Adam Schwartz/WFIU

John Sayles

When you think of a movie, you don’t just think of a story, or lines, or characters. You think of, ‘What’s it going to look like and what’s it going to sound like?’

John Sayles has established a reputation for refusing to abandon his values in favor of becoming a studio filmmaker.

His films are nuanced explorations of relationships, a style that reflects his beginning as a writer of short stories and novels before becoming a screenwriter.

He made his directorial debut with Return of the Secaucus Seven, and explored social and political issues in such films as Lianna, Matewan, and Lone Star.

  • Constance Brewer

    Gotta admit I love all things Sayles.  Was a great interview and always love to hear what he has to say.  I know that hes doing an interview again on the Oscars and books and movies and all that fun stuff…. on Elaine Charles Book Report Radio show.  If you can get Chicago radio its on wind560 AM saturdays 5-530 on Feb 25th.  It’s a great great radio show she does every week and having Sayles only makes it better! This is Elaine Charles’ twitter page so I’m sure she will have all the updates.!/ElaineCharles1

  • Mike

    The Book Report will be interviewing John this week (25 & 26 Feb). For show times and stations you can visit 

  • Robert

    Thanks for the link Mike, the show was wonderful.  I really liked the host and thought she did an amazing job keeping me interested and entertained.  Im going to listen in again this week with Stephen Hunter and Thomas Caplan being interviewed this time.

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