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June 30, 2017


MCCSC has more than $11,000 in lunch debt from the past academic year. Some of the debt will be covered by donations, leaving just over $4,000 for the school to pay back for the year.

MCCSC’s Controversial ‘Lunch Shaming’ Policy

The USDA requires all public schools to put student lunch debt policies into writing by July 1. Many are calling MCCSC's policy "lunch shaming."

March 4, 2016


For elementary school students, that means a 9 a.m. start instead of the current 8:35 a.m. time. As for middle and high school students, classes will begin at 8 a.m.

School Start Times

This week on Noon Edition, we'll discuss school start times.

September 24, 2015


school calendar

Monroe County Schools Consider New Academic Calendar

This week on Noon Edition we spoke with local leaders about the MCCSC’s proposed academic calendar.

August 8, 2012


Some Columbus teachers and students, like those pictured above, were back in classrooms this week.

Changing the School Calendar

We'll talk with parents and school administrators about adjusting to new schedules and the debate over the balanced school calendar.

January 28, 2011


School Hallway

MCCSC Referendum Money

This week on Noon Edition, we'll discuss where the $7.5 million per year will go throughout the district.

October 15, 2010



Public Question # 2, MCCSC Referendum

This week on Noon Edition, MCCSC referendum will be discussed.

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