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MCCSC Referendum Money

School Hallway

Photo: Dean Terry

$7.5 million a year is available.

This week on Noon Edition, we’ll discuss where the $7.5 million per year will go throughout the district.

Joining us in studio will be representatives from the school district and a concerned citizen.

  • Wcgraham

    As a Bloomington tax-payer who voted in favor of the referendum, I am saddened by the school administration's lack of support for World Languages. World Languages should be a CORE part of the educational curriculum from Elementary School on. In a community that is as multi-cultural as Bloomington is, it is distressing to see the school administration work against World Languages and Cultures. If enrollment in the language courses is an argument, here are 2 points for consideration: Since when are 12-year old children the best judges of what is in their academic best interest (there was a point about when children are given the choice between making videos and learning a World Language, that they choose to the video-making class). Given the option between Science and Video-Making, I assume most children would also choose Video-Making, as well. This does not mean that Science is of less value than Video-Making. Secondly, since both are listed as optional “Electives”, how can “Video-Making” be seen as being even REMOTELY on par academically with World Languages and Cultures? What kinds of choices are we making for our children?

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