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Should Indiana Expand Medicaid?

House Minority Leader Scott Pelath and Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane

Photo: Brandon Smith/IPBS

House Minority Leader Scott Pelath and Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane on Feb. 8 making comments about wanting further debate on how the Affordable Care Act should be implemented.

As the federal government’s Friday deadline for declaring whether states want a partnership healthcare exchange nears, Indiana leaders have indicated they will bypass that deadline and allow the federal government to head the exchange. But legislators in both the Indiana House and the Senate have also been debating whether Medicaid should be expanded in the state.

The Indiana Hospital Association, as well as some Democratic lawmakers, are lobbying to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. But Governor Pence and other legislators say that’s unlikely, and if the state decides to cover more Hoosiers, it should happen under the existing Healthy Indiana Plan.

This week on Noon Edition, we’ll sit down with some of the key players in the Medicaid debate to talk about the future of medical coverage in Indiana.

Join us Friday at 12 p.m. for our conversation, and send us your questions in advance to You can visit this site to be part of our live chat, follow us on Twitter @NoonEdition, or join us on the air by calling in at 812-855-0811 or 1-877-285-WFIU.


Beth Cate- Associate Professor of Law and Public Affairs, IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Doug Leonard- President, Indiana Hospital Association

By Phone

Representative Tim Brown- Chairman, Indiana House Ways and Means Committee

  • Lillianese

    Expanding Medicaid is a step toward ensuring all Americans and Hoosiers have adequate affordable access to good quality healthcare.  Listening to complaints about states being coerced or whining about the expense of covering more people shuts down creativity and discussion about the real problem,…and pisses me off. America’s current system of providing healthcare is inhumane, immoral. How can we say we believe in equity and the sanctity of life? I think the number of folks lacking health care coverage exceeds 40 million in this country, which has only grown over the years.  I wager that in the long run increasing our taxes to cover all of us will be less expensive than what we as individuals have to pay out now for their own care (if you are lucky enough to have access to “health insurance”).  All of that to say, I would like to hear experts and legislators and decisionmakers addressing this topic and related issues from a perspective of problem solving and caring rather than treating it as if it were on the same level as saving up for or spending on vacations and travel.

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