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Contraceptive Coverage Debate

Birth Control Pills

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Some religious organizations say the mandate infringes on their religious freedoms.

A new federal law mandates that health care insurers must cover contraceptives for women free of charge.  While churches will be exempt from the new rule, many Catholic organizations that were previously exempt from covering contraceptives for their employees say it infringes on their right to religious liberty.  However, advocates for affordable contraceptives say the policy changes will improve access for women and reduce health care costs.

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Kosali Simon- IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs Professor, Specializing in Economics and Health Insurance Policy

Chrystal Struben- Vice President of Communications, Development and Education for Planned Parenthood of Indiana

Father C. Ryan McCarthy- Reverend with the Archdiocese of Indianapolis

  • “Bob”

    I work for the Archdiocese, and my Wife and I had Insurance through them.  I am not Catholic.  My Wife had a situation where cists were on her uterus and fallopian tubes.  She was bleeding and anemic, and her health was declining dramatically.  After using every method allowed by the Insurance company, our Doctor said we needed to stop the bleeding – the only method was to cauterize the cists and remove her fallopian tubes—Insurance wouldn’t cover it because it was considered “birth-control” – it cost us over 5000 dollars to get what was most likely a life saving surgery-because of their “dogma” my Wife was told “Too bad”

    It seems to me that Religions and politicians today are waaaaay to concerned with what’s going on between people’s legs.  How much time did Jesus really spend on the topic of people’s junk?

    Needless to say I don’t use the Archdiocesan insurance anymore-I’ve come to the conclusion that regardless of what they say-they don’t care about people or their health.


  • Maggie

    Hearing the concession of President O’bama to now put the weight on the Insurance Company.  No, I do not agree with this. Abortion is not preventive health care. It is death care. I just don’t understand your moral beliefs.  I am a Catholic and it doesn’t matter how you try to sugar coat it, it is still against moral theology.  Thank you,   Maggie

  • Kfinley

    There are preventive health benefits from using birth control pills. These include decreased risk of PID due to thickened cervical mucus, decreased risk of ovarian and endometrial cancers, decreased risk of benigh breast lumps and decreased risk of ectopic pregnancy

  • Morgan Siefker

    A medicine is a drug or other preparation used for the treatment or prevention of a disease.  And a disease is a disorder of structure or function in a body part.  Therefore medicines are suppose to help restore a non-functioning or abnormal body part to its normal function.  Can you explain, then, how birth control pills or sterilization can truly be called “medicine” when they normally take a healthy sex organ and turn it into a non-functioning, abnormal body part?

  • Debby

    Since when has pregnancy been considered a disease?

  • Debby

    Non-Catholic employees at Catholic hospitals, universities and charities know when they come to work for a Catholic institution that the Church does NOT approve of contraception, sterilization or antiabortionists……why should they expect health care coverage for them?

    I work for a Catholic University and we have students who don’t understand why we don’t serve meat on Fridays during Lent in the dining halls……why is there such a disconnect?  They knew it was a Catholic University when they applied…..we don’t keep it a secret!

  • Chris

    “they don’t care about people or their health.”

    If you’re working for an organization which you believe doesn’t care about people or their health, why do you still work there?

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