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Night Lights Classic Jazz

Halloween: Haunted Love Songs, Strange Enchantment

Haunted late-night love songs and some 'spirited' jazz for your Halloween holiday.

Jack o lantern

Photo: Flickr

Wishing you a hep Halloween.

I’d be frightfully sorry to go without telling you:

This week on Afterglow it’s A Dark and Lonely Night: Haunted Love Songs for Halloween, a show that features all kinds of late-night laments from those possessed by the spell of love.

From the Night Lights archives, there’s Strange Enchantment: Jazz For Halloween, which includes the true story of the New Orleans Axeman, a nasty killer with a soft spot in his heart for anybody hep to the real gone sounds of jazz.

Man, it’s gonna be a great Halloween holiday. Just don’t lose your head, dig?

And hey, if you want to see (or hear) something really horrifying:

Halloween jazz

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