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Young Hoosiers Rally To Support Marriage Amendment

young hoosiers for marriage

Photo: Jashin Lin

Members of Young Hoosiers For Marriage explain their support for HJR-3 at the Indiana statehouse.

Supporters of HJR-3, the proposed constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage, are beginning to show up in large numbers at the Statehouse as the debate over the measure continues in the Senate.

The House passed HJR-3 two weeks ago after removing the measure’s second sentence, which would ban civil unions.  Monday, it passed a Senate committee.

That’s also when groups in favor of the amendment made a big show of support, calling on the Senate to restore the second sentence.

Those supporters include a grassroots organization called Young Hoosiers For Marriage, a coalition ranging from school-age Hoosiers to adults.

Shane Weist says his group represents a voice that’s been missing from the debate.

Speaking at the statehouse today, the 33-year-old from Lafayette says it was removal of the second sentence that prompted his coalition to act.

“We feel like this is just the beginning of this throughout America,” he says. “I mean, now starts the test and getting involved now. I think this is an issue that’s going to go on for years, so we feel like this is a good time to get involved.”

Freedom Indiana campaign manager Megan Robertson says lawmakers respond most to hearing directly from constituents, something her group’s been involved with for six months.

“That’s why we’ve been finding our supporters that want to stand against this harmful amendment and engaging them and mobilizing them so that they can learn how to contact their legislators through phone calls, emails, letters and individual meetings,” she says.

The Senate could consider reinserting the second sentence as early as Thursday.

Want to contact your legislators about an issue that matters to you? Find out how to contact your senators and member of Congress here.

  • MC

    Homophobia and bigotry don’t fall from the family tree. These kids aren’t even old enough to get into an R-Rated movie so I believe their views on marriages are null and void.

  • mommalion

    Good for them!!

  • Jack

    What a shame. Years from now these impressionable young people will look back and ask themselves how they became such close minded, judgmental bigots. The answer will surely be they followed their parents example… even though today they would tell you they are thinking for themselves. I speak from experience. My father was a fireman in Detroit during the racial riots in the 60′s. Imagine what my point of view was at the time. I was prejudice against black people. It took me years away from my parents, living with and learning from open minded, non-judgmental individuals to shed my prejudice. Thank GOD I did. I hope one day these young people will have the same revelation as I did..

  • Sparksinky

    You said it. Bigotry is a learned thing. No child is born afraid of gay people having rights. The adults around them make them afraid. Unfortunately, those biases don’t always get dropped by adulthood. It worked for you and it worked for me, but there will be plenty left following a close-minded path set out for them by the previous generation.

  • Lafayette IN

    Not one person spoke harshly about someone that is gay. These young folks are showing support for marriage the way the Bible states for it to be. They did not spout off hateful remarks towards people who are gay. If they had done so, they could be considered “close minded, judgmental bigots.” Being prejudice IS a sin. And thanking God for being able to overcome prejudice thoughts and tendencies is a great thing. These folks however, have not displayed any sort of prejudice towards anyone who is gay. It seems as though a few people that have left comments do not quite know the definition of close minded. Please allow me to share it with you, close minded : being intolerant of the beliefs and opinions of others. The fact is that the remarks in the comments have more underlying prejudice annotations against those who came out to support heterosexual marriage then any speech given at the Statehouse. Bottom line…if being a Christian and following and standing up God’s word makes one close-minded, then sign me up! :)

  • jack

    The last time I checked, this country was founded on a basic principle: the separation of Church and State. All individuals have the right to their personal religious beliefs. What a great country we live in. However, those religious beliefs have no place in policy that will affect ALL citizens. Your Christian belief must be checked at the door when you walk into a government office and you attempt to influence the law. If you can give me a reason (absent religious beliefs) you believe Gay and Lesbian Americans should be considered second class citizens and denied the same rights, protections and privileges as you then I will be all ears. As for your definition of close minded you are correct. Anyone that relegates Gays and Lesbians to second class status because they are different than themselves display behavior that is “intolerant to the beliefs and opinions of others”. I am not close minded. I think you and everyone else has the right to your belief system and your opinions. However, I have the ability to understand that people come in all shapes, sizes, colors and yes… sexuality, and that my “opinion”, although different, is no better or worse than theirs when it comes to fairness and the coverage of law provided by this great country.

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