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Ron Paul Sees Nation’s Future in Today’s Youth

Ron Paul

Photo: Ashley Lee

Former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul spoke at DePauw University Tuesday night. The title of his speech was “Our Lives, Your Liberty and America’s Future”.

Three-time presidential candidate and former Congressman Ron Paul spoke at DePauw University Tuesday evening.

His lecture was titled “Our Lives, Your Liberty and America’s Future” and the main topics of the discussion were impediment of civil liberties and the overlook of basic constitutional rights. Paul said the current generation is ready to take on the challenge of fixing these issues in Washington.

“A lot of young people are very interested and they become very much involved in the freedom movement,” said Paul. “They are very concerned about the country and they’d like to see some big changes made and that’s what’s necessary because the status quo in Washington—they’re not doing so well.”

Paul thinks politicians have a complete disregard for the Constitution and that Americans need to remember the Constitution was written to regulate the government, not to monitor and control the public.

Because of this disregard, Paul said the libertarian message has the opportunity to create change because of the apparent failure of big government. He claims the break in the systems is a result of a break in the basic philosophy of democracy.

“So the burden now falls on the next generation,” says Paul. “And those individuals who are coming of age who will be making the decisions for the county. Because this will not continue; it is impossible to continue. The handwriting is on the wall.”

Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) student Emily Hess is a supporter of Paul’s. She agrees with the fact that the current administration seems to have a disregard for the general public and that her generation especially should not be overlooked.

“They don’t ever actually have the time to sit down and talk with the people of the United States,” says Hess. “And not just people of the United States, but young people who are going to create the jobs, make the money, be the professors, be the students and actually run this country in the next ten or 15 years.”

While Paul feels the future of the Nation is unclear, he encourages the country to seek the “liberty that made America great.”


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  • SparksinKY

    Old white men love to glorify the days of the old white men. I think that’s one of the main reasons why I don’t harp on about the forefathers. They didn’t create the country for me. I wouldn’t have even been considered a person then.

  • bruceewilson

    Ron Paul has for decades worked with Christian Reconstructionist theorist Dr. Gary North, who advocates instituting stoning as a capital punishment. North claims to have helped conceive Paul’s current political strategy.

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  • Nate

    yeahhhhh so we’d all love to see some citation on this allegation.

  • bruceewilson

    Sure. I’m not allowed to post links, but just Google “Ron Paul Curriculum Author Wants Stoning, Biblical Slavery”. That’s the title of a story which documents my statement.

  • bruceewilson

    Also see the article “Invitation to a Stoning – Getting Cozy With Theocrats”, by Walter Olson, published in the November 1998 issue of the Libertarian magazine Reason.

  • bruceewilson

    “An October 1990 newsletter slams black activists, saying that their next
    demonstration should be held “at a food stamp bureau or a crack house.”
    In June 1990 the Ron Paul Political Report said, “I miss the closet.
    Homosexuals, not to speak of the rest of society, were far better off
    when social pressure forced them to hide their activities.” The
    newsletters’ statements range from making the claim that AIDS is a
    “deliberately engineered hybrid” to defending chess champion and
    Holocaust denier Bobby Fischer.’ — From “Ron Paul and DePauw: Guilty by association”, an editorial by the The DePauw Editorial Board.

  • SolitaryPillar

    Whatever anyone says here, Dr. Paul is right in saying that is currently happening cannot continue. In fact, it is not continuing. Anyone old enough to remember just 15 years ago knows that for most people life is more expensive, and to add to that continuing trend, our government at some time will be like Greece’s government-guaranteed. So go ahead and stay on your sinking ship in the middle of the shark infested waters. After all there are racist white men in that rescue boat offering you assistance.

  • SolitaryPillar

    It’s not much of an issue anymore. There was potential, but what is it really about this country that makes it great? Some say the freedoms, but exactly what are they talking about? Freedom of speech? Say the politically incorrect thing here in the USA and nobody will hear you plus there will be an extensive effort to discredit you. How about the right to bear arms? People hunt all over the world, so that can’t be it. Freedom of religion? Thousands of different religions all over the world, even if some choose to kill each other. Freedom from tyranny, gotta enjoy those airport frisking events, tapped phones, the ability for our government to kill you without due process and prisons with political detainees (joke of a word). Forget the founding fathers, the principals they tried to build for themselves, white men, are no longer here for anybody. And that includes you.

  • SolitaryPillar

    Oh and by-the-way, in agreement to your critique of the founding fathers, this country was even less tolerant to blacks than accepted history tells after it’s formation. For instance Abraham Lincoln used the N word all the time. His argument was not that Blacks were equal, as he said many times he believed blacks were inferior, but that they qualified as people, as opposed to animals, and therefore, according to the bible, it was immoral to keep them as slaves. By today’s standards, Abraham Lincoln would have been a huge racist, just like the founding fathers. Also, the Civil War was about keeping the Union, not abolishing slavery as is taught. All the northern whites did not say we must free the blacks in the South and then take up arms. If they did, black people sure would owe them their gratitude since hundreds of thousands died in the war. Even though children are taught such nonsense, they are foolish to continue to believe it once they grow up as many do. I guess this means you should forget all about anything the “Old White Men/Founding Fathers” ever said or did.

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