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Lawmakers Hear Fierce Debate To Allow Guns On School Grounds

gun school sign

Photo: Wendy House (Flickr)

The proposed bill would allow locked guns and hidden in cars on school property, but guns out in the open would still not be allowed.

The head of an anti-gun violence group testified Monday in a committee hearing on proposed legislation that would allow licensed gun owners to keep their guns locked in their cars on school property, which is currently a felony.

Shannon Watts is the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, an organization founded in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting.

She says the proposed bill strips the rights of schools and school boards from determining how to best protect their students.

“Schools do not want firearms on their properties and neither do the mothers of Indiana,” Watts says. “This committee should not ignore the voices of experts on this issue and work only to serve those who support this bill –the gun lobby and a small group of parents who wish to carry a gun to their child’s school.”

Trevor Santos, the state liaison for the National Rifle Association, says current law unfairly punishes law-abiding citizens:

“There are thousands – tens of thousands – of permit holders here in the state of Indiana,” Santos says. “They have been vetted by the state, they’ve gone through background checks to have their permit and we feel that they should not become a felon because they crossed an imaginary line.”

The House and Senate deadline to pass the bill is Friday.

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  • Ken Pimple

    Trevor Santos echos Jim Lucas about crossing an imaginary line. What’s imaginary about school grounds?

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  • HoosierMommy

    Did you see Jim Lucas’s commentary in Sunday’s Star? In it he makes the ridiculous assertion that attacks in certain schools happen because they’re “Gun-Free zones”. Idiot – ALL schools have been gun free zones until the last few years, when the NRA and other assorted nuts started stoking the paranoia of gun owners.

  • alvin

    Let me ask you this:
    Which sign would be a better deterrent against another potential mass-killer at our schools:
    (1)—”Gun Free Zone”
    (2)—”Staff Heavily Armed & Trained. All Threats to Children will be met with DEADLY Force”

    Do you think (1) is the better choice?

  • alvin

    Well criminal psychos certainly don’t care about these lines…… having Law-Abiding Citizens around who can potentially shoot back at a nut-job makes me feel better. I lived in an Idaho town for a year where almost EVERYBODY is armed. Crime was so LOW that the local cops were so bored out of their minds that a DUI or 2 were the highlights of their month.

  • Ken Pimple

    alvin – Let me ask you this: Who is going to pay for all of those firearms and all that training? Public schools are seriously underfunded now, and if we’re going to pour more money into them, there are far better ways to spend it.

  • alvin

    We DON’T Have to train all that staff. We can ask staff to volunteer and remain incog.
    If a potential killer knows that ANY school he wants to target may have one or a dozen staff who could be concealed packing—–and the killer doesn’t know which staff members they are (who should be neutralized first), the killer will consider picking a softer target (hopefully his own head).
    Just the psychological impression such a sign leaves on criminals alone is very effective.
    Israel used to have the problem of Islamic militants shooting up Jewish children until they armed schools.—-Now——Things are very different

  • Ken Pimple

    Untrained volunteers carrying firearms in schools. How could that possibly go wrong?

  • alvin

    Okay. So I now know that you are hoplophobic and that fire arms seem to terrify you. I’m sorry you feel that way.
    You skipped over responding to anything I said except the one part where I didn’t expoundingly make myself SUper-clear. ————-Whoever volunteers,,,, WOULD be trained………..since not every staff member is going to volunteer that means we DON’T Have to train ALL the staff.

    So let me ask you this………which of the signs (That I described earlier) would you prefer to see at a school ground?:::::::; Number (1)
    or Number (2)?
    and WHY would it be more effective?

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