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Paul Ryan Says He Would Not Support Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan

Paul Ryan

Photo: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

Paul Ryan attended the annual Indiana Republican dinner Friday.

Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan says Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan is a good start but would not commit to throwing his full support behind it.  The author of the Republican budget spoke at the Indiana GOP’s fall dinner Friday.

Ryan says he thinks Cain’s tax plan is a big idea that can create more debate about tax reform.

“And hopefully what will come from that are other candidates will answer to his call to bring their plans and I think it’s a great dynamic,” he says.

Earlier Friday, Freedomworks, a national Tea Party organization, officially endorsed state treasurer Richard Mourdock in his Senate race against Dick Lugar. Though Ryan would not back either Mourdock or Lugar, he says the Tea Party is indispensible to the Republican Party.

“If it weren’t for the Tea Party, I don’t think we’d be anywhere near where we are today in advancing the cause of fiscal conservatism and economic liberty,” he says.

Ryan says, as head of the presidential campaign formation committee for the GOP, he will not be endorsing any Republican candidate in the primaries.

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  • Anonymous

    Who can put any trust in Brandon Smith when he published a headline that absolutely distorts what Paul Ryan really said.  This is yellow journalism at its worst, worthy of the National Enquirer.  It may be technically true but it absolutely distorts the truth.  How can you call yourself a journalist?  Do you work for MSNBC?   You are disgusting and should be ashamed of yourself.

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  • Larry L. Clifton

    Come on Mr. Ryan…don’t be shy.
    We the People owe a debt of ‘gratitude’ to Mr. Herman Cain. The current political dialogue is all about taxes and the tax system we all endure. You also owe it to yourself to Google, or whatever, ‘the history of the 16th amendment’. Get into it. Spend a bit of valuable time and read as much as you can stand. It’s not fun reading. It is the history of how and why We the People allowed politicians, judges, courts, presidents, political systems and affiliations the authority to impose all sorts of taxes, at their whim, on…us.  It reads like a ‘tragedy’ on steroids. What were We the People thinking? Just the ‘math’ is astounding. Now after all these years and after literally countless court cases…which ‘not so surprisingly’ almost always end in favor of the Government and at the, dearly paid for, expense of the populace/We the People.
    Fast-forward to the present and the populace still gets the ‘short end’ of the deal. With, now, 70,000+ pages and 10,000,000 words of special deals and hard lobbied for ‘kid gloved treatment’ and cuts for any number of special interest…Again!  ‘Given’ by generous politicians/’the system’…almost always at the expense of, and made up for by, the populace/We the People. I understand 14,000 have been added since 1986. Pitiful. We have all been taxed into oblivion. By We, I mean the 49-53% that actually attempt to ‘pay the Troll’.
    To free ourselves from this economic fiasco we will have to hold, all politicians from all the states, all parties, and all judges and all of the courts…Feet to the Fire. These people are not going to ‘give up’ the gravy train they abuse regularly without ‘firm guidance’ from We the People. Already you can see them rallying their ‘media lap dogs’ and ‘mouth-piece pundits’. Oh no! This new plan or that new plan could never work. The poor will suffer. The rich will get the breaks. Oh no. Look around friend. Duh? The old monstrosity is all about ‘that’. Special deals for special reasons for special ‘entities’ and their special people. Good grief…wake up and smell the ‘government  greed’.
    Not us. Not We the People. We struggle and work and hold on as best we can to survive in the ‘economic environment’ our poorly performing elected government pin-heads have created for us. They would be fired in the private sector. The results of their ‘collective’, and often touted, experience, expertise, and political wisdom (oxymoron for sure)…The Worst economy since the Great Depression. In all likelihood it will only get worse. After all, they raised the debt ceiling ‘again’, and because of collective inaction and lack of will, by all/both parties to stop the madness.
    I really appreciate Mr. Herman Cain his gumption and his character. He has put his 999 Plan and the greater ‘tax issue’ right in the middle of the table for all to see and scrutinize. Perry is for a flat tax (a day late and a dollar short). The FairTax that will follow Cain’s 999 Plan is far superior to Perry’s flat version. jmho. More will follow for sure. Look at each very carefully. Most of all…Please feel free and emboldened to really scrutinize the old, unfair monstrosity/fiasco we have now. Most anything would be better than what is in place now. Vote accordingly!

  • Larry L. Clifton

    It’s funny really. If Mr.Cain is behind in the ‘all important’ polls…the media, the pundits, and the Dems say ‘he’s got a tough row to hoe’. He doesn’t have enough money. He lacks this or that. He goofed up…he stumbled. It’s crazy.
    Now with him leading most of the polls…despite all those, demagogue inspired ‘shortcomings, he’s still ‘got a tough row to hoe’, doesn’t have enough money …’for the long haul’ (the new caveat). The Party mogul/king-maker favs P & R ‘get a pass’. They have been chosen ‘for’ us. They know what their doing.
    Get a clue people. We the People need to vote like our lives and livelihoods depend on it.  

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely! What a distorted headline

  • Anonymous

    Fox isn’t doing Cain any favors either. Beware, the media is in the tank for the establishment. We need freedom from the bottom up.

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  • i hate pundits.

    Cain is just another corporate shill, people. His tax plan, like all the GOP plans, lowers taxes for  millionaires and raises taxes on the middle and working class. We tried that with the Bush tax cuts and saw millionaires make more money while the rest of us got squeezed. Bush’s record on job creation was the worst since 1948. These people throw a lot of BS around to get the Fox “News” audience to vote against their own economic interests. It’s depressing to read all these misinformed and well-meaning people supporting the guys handing our democracy over to the corporations. Turn off Fox, turn off Rush, and start forming your own opinions. Follow the money, not the millionaires.

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