Assembly Approves Nation’s Largest Voucher Program

A school voucher bill is on its way to Governor Mitch Daniels' desk.


Daniels' signature would effect the nation's largest state school-voucher program.

In a victory for Governor Mitch Daniels, the House Wednesday approved one of the most comprehensive school voucher plans in the country. The voucher legislation was one of the main reasons for the Democratic walkout this session. It provides up to $4,500 in scholarships for families making around $60,000 or less to send their children to eligible private schools.

Indianapolis Representative Ed DeLaney says the bill siphons money from the public school system. ”This says, ‘Indiana General Assembly to public schools: drop dead,’” said DeLaney.

However, bill author Bob Behning says the voucher bill reforms education by putting children first. ”And I think it really allows students and parents to pick the school that best serves their student’s need,” Behning said.

The House approved the bill 55 to 43. It now awaits the governor’s signature.

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