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Indiana Senate Calls For Constitutional Convention


Photo: Dan Goldblatt/WFIU News

Senators sit in the chamber during the 2013 legislative session.

Indiana is halfway to becoming the first state to call for a second U.S. constitutional convention. The Senate voted Monday 32-18 in favor of a convention to consider amendments to rein in the federal government.

Senate President Pro Tem David Long (R-Fort Wayne) contends the government has used its taxing power and its authority over interstate commerce to expand federal power over the states far beyond what the founders envisioned, and argues that shift won’t be solved by sending different representatives to Washington. He says a Constitutional amendment is the only remedy left.

House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) is sponsoring the resolution in the House. If the House passes it, 33 more states would have to go along to make a convention happen.

Milltown Senator Richard Young was the only Democrat to support the proposal. Six Republicans joined the other 12 Democrats in voting no. Opponents warn a convention could careen out of control, with amendments on any topic.

Senators attempted to head off that possibility with a companion bill declaring any Hoosier delegate‘s vote on any topic other than the tax and commerce clauses is void.

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  • Karol Hancock

    Please DO NOT open the constitution. Once a Constitution Covention is held,that allows anyone to make changes to our Constitution. Would anyone, could anyone be that stupid to open our only protection and rights, to let this Marxist Socialist Muslim Obama and minions have a chance to change our Constitution to suit themselves???? This must be stopped at all cost!!! First of all, our Constitution gives us the right to charge him with High Treason for not being eligible to be the President, also for the Lybian war and dereliction of duty during the killing of four Americans in Bengahzi. If found guilty, he could be hung. I do not wish him any harm, certianly do not want him hung, just want him out of our White House, even out of the country, but not harmed. Atty. Orly Taitz has an eligibility case for the Supreme Court to hear, but they are playing the game of “Cover UP for the Imposter” and their court employees have been caught tampering and hiding information regarding the case from the Justices. We The People should be all over this. We should be calling, mailing, emailing, and marching in front of the Supreme Court everyday to let them know, WE THE PEOPLE, Supreme Power of America want this case heard. We expect them, as we expect Congress to do the business of We The People, that they are paid to do, which is “what is in the best interest of We The People and the country”. This worthless corruptable government we have is doing everything they can come up with to work against We The People. IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP!!!!!! We are being sold into slavery and all that is being done is “talk the talk”. It is to “walk the walk” before we loose our very souls. A great man once said “united we stand, divided we fall”. We are falling!!! America is not a Muslim country, it is not a Socialist or Maxrist country, we are a Republic, which means “a nation in which the Supreme Power rests in all the PEOPLE”, my family has helped settle, build and fight for this country since the 1600′s and I refuse to be the generation that dishonors them, our Founding Fathers and our Almighty One and Only Living God. We should be on our knees daily thanking God for this wonderful nation, asking forgiveness of our sins and the sins inacted in America’s name by this government. God said,” I am the Lord your God, thou shalt have no other gods before me “, Obama’s school agenda CSCOPE is teaching our children that “Allah is the almighty god”; God said, “man shall not lay with man as he would a woman, it is an abomination in my eyes”, we now have same sex marriage laws, God said, “thou shalt not kill”, we have abortion on demand laws, last year Planned Parenthood killed over 350,000 little tiny precious babies; we have denied God by removing Him from all public life. Our Heavenly Father is so angered at us, He will bring His full wrath down on us. This Narcissistic Obama, Congress and Supreme Court think they are all powerful, better remember what the full wrath of God did with the flood in Noah’s time, what He did to Soddom and Gomorrah and do not forget His destruction of Israel for angering Him with their disobedience, same as we have and are currently doing today. Because our Creator loves us so much, He made us a promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” We in fact, may end up having to actually fight to save our Republic and ourselves, this is not going away, it gets worse everyday! God will not do it for us, but He will help us and guarantee our success if we are repentant and obeying Him, as He did for our Founding Fathers. We do not need another amendment to stop this crap, we need to stand together and get the doing done!!

  • David Smith

    See, that’s where you’re wrong. Each state would elect a special representative to attend this convention. It would not be done by those sitting in office now. This has been needed for decades, but is only now gaining enough steam due to the level of corruption & gaining a foothold.

    Here are some of the ADDITIONS you could expect to come from a Con-Con. First, I want to be clear that as written, the Constitution is nearly perfect, save for a few minor yet VERY important additions. First, a couple things need clarified;

    1.) The “general welfare” clause, this was a highly debated topic in the Virginia debates because the founder’s thought it was too vague & almost left it out. That needs clarified as it is by far the most abused & misused clause of the Constitution.

    2.) The Second Amendment also needs some clarification. The Founder’s were VERY clear & concise as written but it has been redefined by libtards for decades now. Under the 2nd Amendment the people are allowed ANY & ALL forms, types, & capacities of firearms technologically available now & in the future. The people should be just as well armed as the military. Or better, if an individual is innovative enough to create it. There needs to be language added to stop ALL gun regulation on FREE citizens. Also, the term “firearms” needs to be changed to accommodate future advances in technology; such as grauss weaponry & other energy weapons. (Just so I’m clear, this is not to include explosive ordinances, such as explosive grenades, RPG’s, Mortars, etc.)

    Now for a couple additions that are needed. Additions that would have prevented a LOT of the problems we have today with the overstepping of powers by the Federal government

    1.) MOST importantly, in my humble opinion; The Union needs to be divided into 5 sections, 1 President per section & on a rotating election cycle. The term limit needs to be changed from 2 four year terms, to 1 six year term. Also, ANY & ALL executive order’s, veto’s etc will have to muster a 4/5 super-majority in the Executive branch to pass. Meaning that 4 of the 5 President’s would have to agree in order to pass executive order’s, veto a bill, etc etc..

    2.) A cap needs to be placed on the number of people a single representative is allowed to represent. As it stands, there must be a MINIMUM of 30k people per representative, but there are no caps to that. This has resulted in a very UNDER represented people, with each district having a population of around 700,000+.

    Last, but most certainly not lest, there needs to be written repercussions for ANYONE who is elected that tries to change, circumvent, manipulate or otherwise undermine the Constitution. When was the last time an office holder actually was prosecuted for breaking their Oath to uphold & defend the Constitution? I don’t mean impeached, I mean sent to jail or worse for doing things that infringed on our freedoms & liberties? This needs to be vary plainly & toughly spelled out & upheld once in place. Maobama wouldn’t be doing the things he’s doing if his oath included capital punishment for actions such as invading Libya without Congressional war powers. As it stands today, all impeachment results in is removal from office & loss of all government privileges & payment. Criminal prosecution is left up to the judicial branch. This could remain the same as long as special laws were written into judicial law expressly for the cases of Presidential, Congressional, Senatorial, & other elected persons to be tried under. Making it so that if convicted for crimes committed that resulted in impeachment or removal from office, the punishment would be severely more strict & guaranteed prison time as well as fines equal to or more than the amount of money proven to be made, tax monies spent, while committing such acts.

    Oh I forgot one thing. Dealing with the Federal Reserve. Congress is the ONLY branch given powers to COIN currency. The Fed’s contract is up this year & should NOT be renewed. We are in the economic woes that we face now solely because of the Feds actions & policies, as well as the endless printing of the fiat paper currency known as the Federal Reserve Note. This needs to abolished & our currency needs to be backed once again by gold, silver & other precious metals. I am not smart enough to know how to deal with this one though, so that has to left up to people like Ron Paul, Peter Schiff & others who truly understand Austrian Economics & monetary policy.

    I hope this helps to ease any fears you might have about a Constitutional Convention. I want to reiterate that current Office holders would have NOTHING to do with such an event. In fact, it may well be done in secret just as it was the first time. The governor’s of the States would be responsible for selecting a Special State Representative, maybe even more than one if deemed plausible by the many states, to have input into the debates. Also, it takes 2/3 of the states to call a Convention, while it takes a 3/4 Super Majority to Amend the Constitution. This is not a Democracy we live in. It is a Representative Republic. There is no simple 50% +1 wins it. It takes a 3/4 Super Majority to ratify an Amendment. Scumbags like Nazi Pelosi & Maobama wouldn’t stand a chance against the states. That is why you are seeing such a huge number of them using Nullification to smack the Feds down.

    It’s kind of off the subject, but did you know there was a time when the Feds would have been met at the State border by the State army if they tried to interfere with laws passed under the 10th amendment? That’s why the State Armies were Nationalized into the National Guard. During a crisis, control of the state National Guard STILL goes to the Governor. That is because when it’s broken right down to the nitty gritty, each & every state is a sovereign country all it’s own, the term “State” is interchangeable with the term “Country”. We actually live in the United Countries of America if you want to get right down to TRUE definitions. Please, don’t lose faith in your fellow countrymen just yet. We have only begun to fight this tyranny & once we defeat these goons you can bet your ass there will be some other threat that will try to undermine our Freedoms & Liberties. The key is staying one step ahead of them & beating them on the intellectual battleground.

  • David Smith

    While I agree with you about abortion being illegal, I disagree with your argument siting biblical text. Not all people live by the bible, nor should it be forced upon them. God, Himself, gave all people the choice to follow Him or not. For ANY Christian to try to use His word to revoke that choice IS blasphemy. The ONLY words that have made it illegal as per the Founder’s are contained in the Declaration of Independence.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are >>>>>>LIFE<<<<<<, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

    These words also ensure that gays have the right to marry one another, the problem I have with this is that government shouldn't be in the business of marriage to begin with. That is a job of the churches, and not just Christian or Catholic churches either, ALL houses of worship, EVEN THOSE YOU DON'T AGREE WITH.

    I love & fear God. I talk to Him often. I do my human best to follow His teachings. What I find offensive is knowing that SOME religious folk think that because THEY believe in a book that OTHERS must, too. They pass judgement. Force their interpretation of His word on others, as if they themselves ARE God & do a great job of doing the exact opposite of His true teachings. So, since you are giving your opinion, I will give you mine. Stop doing God's job & focus on beating your opposition with intellect. I want moral people in government, however, I do NOT want government moralizing. Abortion IS illegal, but not because God said so. Rather, because Our Founder's were astute enough to recognize Life in the Declaration of Independence as an Unalienable Human Right.

  • Ronald Martin

    This is fantastic – do not waste any time trying to amend the
    Constitution, begin thinking of how to write a new constitution. iIt
    should not be that difficult to recognize that if the Founders were
    tasked with writing a constitution with the technological advances that
    we have today, that they would write it differently. In particular, they
    would keep the House of Representatives in their districts rather than
    burden the taxpayers with their travel expenses to and from Washington.

  • Stephen Erwin

    That last idea is really ignorant. If a Con Con decides to overturn the Second Amendment our delegation could not vote no.

  • Stephen Erwin

    Actually the Founders got it right. It is the Federal Government refusing to obay teh Constitution that is the problem.

  • RyansDad

    The Convention is for PROPOSING Amendments. The original Bill of Rights contained 12 Amendments. Only 10 were ratified. There’s your protection against a “Runaway Convention!” Contrary to the apparent belief of this administration, Americans aren’t stupid! We have a hell of a lot more control over our state representation than national.

  • RyansDad

    One more point… I suggest that Indiana state legislators read, at least, the amendments that Mark Levin proposes. Then they may want to read only chapters pertaining to certain amendments. I suspect that a majority of them would also heartily support Mark’s suggested amendment to rein in the Supreme Court. They grabbed unconstitutional power early on (around 1798 or so) and have been dismantling the constitution ever since. Consider Dred Scott, Obamacare, and many others. Matk suggests congressional and/or state ability to override their decisions with a supermajority vote. I like it.

  • freewill2

    Supreme court justice thurgood Marshall talked about a convention. once convened the constitution is void. a new one will be drafted and ratified. domestic enemies will take control. ratification of amendments is different than a convention…dont be fooled by a CONCON!

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