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Gov. Pence Renews Effort To Repeal Affordable Care Act

mike pence

Photo: Office of the Governor

Gov. Mike Pence argues that HIP 2.0 does not indicate he agrees with the Affordable Car Act.

Governor Mike Pence says recent court rulings on the Affordable Care Act should send a message to Congress to repeal the controversial healthcare law.

Two federal appeals courts this week issued conflicting rulings on subsidies offered to consumers who purchase health insurance through federally-run exchanges. One court invalidated them, the other upheld them.

Indiana has a federally-operated exchange and Governor Pence says he stands by his decision not to set up a state-run marketplace.

And he says he’s hopeful Congress will take a step back and pursue a different kind of healthcare reform.

“A combination of giving states flexibility to provide innovative programs like the Healthy Indiana Plan for people that are just getting started out on the first rung of the ladder of the American Dream as well as bringing market-based reforms that give people better and broader choices in health insurance,” ,” Pence says. “Giving people the opportunity to choose whether or not they have health insurance is a much better pathway for the future of healthcare in this country.”

Democrats renewed their criticisms of the governor’s decision not to expand Medicaid after the state announced Thursday it is cutting off enrollment in the Healthy Indiana Plan this year due to funding restrictions.

Pence says he’s committed to building on the success of the HIP program by pursuing expansion that encourages Hoosiers to take more ownership of their healthcare decisions.  The governor is in Washington DC next week and will meet with new Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell to discuss the state’s expansion proposal known as HIP 2.0.

Want to contact your legislators about an issue that matters to you? Find out how to contact your senators and member of Congress here.

  • Bob Eckert

    I want to take all the health insurance away from all the Republicans and their family members including their grandmothers and grandfathers and see how they cope. Oh, I forgot, they are all rich bastards (just ask their mothers and fathers) who don’t need to be a member of a program to allow them to keep good health. Pence is going to Washington to talk with the new Sec. of Human Services to hawk his HIP 2.0 program while at the same time he has shut off HIP 1.0 because they ran out of the meager funds the RepubliThugs allocate to it. HHH has already rejected HIP as an alternative to taking the free money to expand Medicare, money that Indiana taxpayers have -already- paid for in taxes, Pence would rather it be given to another state which it will be.

  • anymajordude

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why this guy is so dead-set against regular people getting health insurance.

  • Vesuvius1313

    Medicaid is for people that can’t afford insurance and the ACA boondoggle is cost those of us in the middle class greatly increased cost [increased 30%] along with the deductible [increased from $1500 to now being $4500.

    The Democrat Party has nearly as many wealthy members [21 of the top 50 wealthiest in Congress] as the Republican Party [I don't trust either party today] but you don’t want to admit that fact. Also the ACA was a deal cut with the insurance companies so that if they lose money the taxpayers will bail them out.

    The uninsured could have been covered under the medicaid plan without disrupting the insurance for 85% of the people that liked the plan they had. The Democrat Party just used this bill to dictate to citizens what they could buy no matter what they wanted.

    Bob your nasty comments are uncalled for and don’t provide evidence for your argument but that is common for liberals.

  • Bob Eckert

    I’ll take your comments seriously when you begin posting under your actual name.

  • Vesuvius1313

    Sorry you aren’t up on internet security but arguments about the facts not the person except for liberals as you like to make personal attacks. I am a former teacher/ football coach from Indiana and have see the results of liberal ideas about education. Teaching economics and U.S. History I have the background to see and compare the results of different philosophy of gov’t.

  • Bob Eckert

    Yawn. Bet you have great health insurance. Those with it can always attack those who can’t afford it yet are in the gap between qualifying for Medicaid and Medicare because they had to retire a bit early due to health issues. You’d just a soon see someone like that just die than try to be helpful and deal with that problem because it isn’t a trivial one.

  • Vesuvius1313

    Sorry you are wrong about me. I care for people, but I don’t like the ACA plan that forces us to pay far more than is needed. Our family has gone from saving $700/month to living on paycheck to paycheck due to the increase in our insurance with premiums up 30% and deductibles going from $1500 to $6,000. I have gone through 3 major spinal surgeries and worked for 25 year with severe pain. Our health insurance isn’t great but we sure have to pay more.

    I don’t want to see people die but the ACA plan is too expensive and there are much cheaper ways to cover people that have major medical like I have to deal with. You make nasty comments to others without knowing what many of us are going through. I have never attacked anyone that can’t afford insurance as we can barely afford our’s but we went from a 2800 sq ft home to a 600 sq ft home to cut cost to afford our insurance and expenses. I served in the Marine Corps while coming from a low middle income family [only because both parents worked] I lived without insurance for years because I couldn’t afford it so I know what it is like. The promises that were told about this law were lies as no one’s premiums went down by $2,500 and we couldn’t keep our doctor. It has cause millions to have their plans cancelled, caused employees to lose hours or become part time workers. There are so many things wrong with this bill even labor unions hate it because it is destroying the 40 hour labor force. We would have been far better off with leaving health care alone but changing some of the practices with a single payer system for catastrophic care and for those that didn’t have insurance or couldn’t afford it. I was upset the Republicans didn’t make the changes when they had the chance but they would have included the Democrats.

    By the way I don’t use my name because of too many people that steal personal IDs

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