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Court Approves Kokomo’s Annexation


Photo: davitydave (Flickr)

Kokomo is expanding its city limits including areas on both its east and west sides.

About 1,100 residents outside Kokomo will now be included in the city limits bringing the city’s population to nearly 57,000. The new residents will receive city services including trash pick-up and city fire protection as a result of the annexation, which a court approved Tuesday, according to Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight who was speaking on WFIU’s Ask The Mayor.

He says areas on the east and west side of Kokomo will be incorporated into the city.

“This really we think is a better reflection of what our true city borders should look like,” Goodnight says.

Residents outside of the city pay a 25 percent surcharge for sewer service. That charge will be dropped starting January 1. The city plans to implement fire and police protection as well as full trash collection by late summer.

“We’re going to do some things like building inspection and inspection services if there are blighted properties,” he says. “We’re going to pick up some of those things immediately. There will be some upfront costs.”

But Goodnight says the city has enough funds set aside to pay for the services even though it will not receive any additional taxpayer money from the new residents until May of 2013.

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  • ScsBmKnG

    Sean Strebin

    410 Country Lane

    Did your annexation include destroying mortgage companies, radio stations, and movie theaters?  That has been turned over to the military.  When is Kokomo going to pay its debt and
    replace my losses?  Stealing movie equipment and mail is a crime. That has been turned over to FBI

    Sean Strebin
    Kokomo, In 46902




       Do you have a class
    C F.C.C. operator’s license?  You will be

    fined for wire fraud. The Federal Communications Commission

    the Canadian Broadcasting Company in Canada are fining

    broadcasters and producers and seizing the equipment.  Do you

    have any other telephony devices or transmitting
    equipment?  Did

    you make any broadcasts on December 25, 2011? Fugitives

    Sandoval (aka Paauwee), Fitzgerald, Christmas, Parvin,

    Henry, and Able were found impersonating law enforcement

    officers at the Kokomo Sheriff Department.  They were using ham

    operating transmitters. Michelle Huff was involved with bank

    fraud in Kokomo, Indiana. 
    This was turned over to the FBI in

    D.C.. Indiana Department of Corrections and penal

    in other states are racketeering against names in D.C..  Women

    with names similar to previous politicians or government

    officials are illegally incarcerated.  For example, Monica

    Bateman, Victoria Nevarez, Angela Omans, Anne Funk, Tawnya

    Munro, Lisa Wilkey, Debra Culver, Athena Burdick, Jill

    and Pamela Stout have been waiting for release for
    years.  What

    cabinet people can you name? 
    Sherman Funk and Paul Bateman

    served in the ’86 period.


       Greg Hendrickson,
    Utah, was found operating illegal ham units

    and impersonating an F.C.C. engineer.  He was using the F.C.C.

    website email. His associate, Steven Whitehead, was found

    ham systems. He was involved in stalking and harassment of

    Hollywood actresses and workers. Whitehead had problems

    Tasha Brown, and other women employees of ethnic background.

    These men may be responsible for the September 11

    Steven Whitehead, one of his aliases, mentioned his father

    worked for Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  His father was retired

    and writing computer software programs. Whitehead may have

    involved with Jet Propulsion Laboratory Amateur Radio Club

    made illegal broadcasts in the past. This club was involved

    several illegal banking transactions. Bob Dengler and Bill

    of J.P.L.A.R.C were cited and fined by the F.C.C.. This

    caused problems for NASA going back to 1972. The U.S.

    made the arrests.


       The F.C.C. is
    investigating public utilities fraud and 2-3

    way party calling wire fraud. The Hollywood Reporter in Los

    Angeles, California reported that Michael Powell tried to
    pass a

    law stating 2-3 way party calling is legal.  Everyone or anyone 

    can listen to your phone calls. The F.C.C. website is fraud

    is being treated as such. 
    Do not call the illegal broadcaster.

    The F.C.C. plans an audit of television stations and radio

    stations across the United States. This will stop some

    intellectual property fraud occurring with several illegal

    broadcasters. California and Illinois have destroyed TV and

    radio stations including KMET-FM and the ‘Pirate’ in Los

    and WNIB-FM and WBLZ-FM in Chicago. There are three white

    electrical trucks in the state of Indiana which may be

    associated with Duke Electric.


    Sean Strebin, F.C.C. Engineer, East Coast

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