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Alabama Immigration Law Could Affect Indiana Legislation

Immigration reform

Photo: Anuska Sampedro (Flickr)

The immigration law in Indiana has been a divisive issue and is being challenged in court.

Alabama’s law that was passed earlier this year and is aimed at reducing its illegal immigrant population is considered one of strictest in the country and could affect future Indiana legislation.

The law authorizes police at traffic stops to question and detain – without bond – those suspected of being illegal immigrants. It requires employers to verify the status of their employees if they suspect they’re in the country illegally. It prohibits illegal immigrants to enter into contracts with the state, like applying for a driver’s license.

“There have been reports of illegal immigrants fleeing the state; in some cases, fleeing the country,”

Todd Stacy, communications director for the Alabama Speaker of the House, says the state was tired of federal inaction.

“It’s a public safety problem,” he says. “It’s a jobs problem. It’s something that has crept into our state, and the people just got fed up.”

Some portions of the law have been temporarily struck down. For example, a provision criminalizing the transporting, harboring or shielding of illegal immigrants and one requiring public schools to verify the immigration status of their students. But Stacy says the law is already clearly working.

“There have been reports of illegal immigrants fleeing the state; in some cases, fleeing the country,” he says.

But American Civil Liberties Union Immigrant’s Rights attorney Andre Segura says it is that very reaction that he hopes will prevent other states from following Alabama’s lead.

“You’re seeing families fleeing, kids being taken out of school, people afraid to go out on the street, people wondering if their marriage license is still valid, just really extreme chaos that we’ve never seen on that level before,” he says.

Indiana’s Legislation

Indiana passed its own illegal immigration legislation during its last session, which requires employers involved with the government – for instance, those that contract with a governmental entity or receive tax dollars – to use the federal E-Verify system to check the status of their employees. It also prohibits the transportation, harboring or shielding of illegal immigrants–a provision halted in Alabama that has not been challenged in Indiana.

Bill author Senator Mike Delph says that is very important.

“It’s my personal belief that there ought to be a special place in hell for those that traffic in human beings and profit from the exploitation of their fellow man,” he says.

The courts, however have blocked two portions of Indiana’s immigration law  One clause prohibited use of consular identification cards, a commonly-used ID provided by foreign embassies or consulates. The other provision allowed the arrest of people who had a removal order or notice of action from federal immigration authorities. Delph says he has no plans to bring forward more illegal immigration legislation in the next session.

“We’re going to take a wait-and-see approach,” he says. “You know, we always like to take a look and see the impact that laws that we pass have on our state and on our citizenry and the law’s only been enforced since July.”

Influence From Alabama

But Delph has proposed illegal immigration legislation in each of the last four years. And this past session, one of the key portions of Alabama’s law – the provision allowing police to detain suspected illegal immigrants at traffic stops – was originally part of Delph’s bill.

Hammond Representative Mara Candelaria-Reardon is one of the leading voices of opposition to Delph’s legislation. She says she does not envision him stopping now, particularly with the success of Alabama’s law.

“Mike Delph is like a rabid dog with this issue and I would be shocked if he didn’t go ahead and do it,” Candelaria-Reardon says. “I mean, he seems to be pretty addicted to the limelight pursuing this legislation has continued to create for him.”

Candelaria-Reardon says she does not think a law as harsh as Alabama’s will ever get through the Indiana General Assembly. Delph says the people of Indiana will ultimately have to decide whether tougher immigration reform is something the legislature needs to address.

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  • David Stutz

    It’s a start . We may have to eventually have a massive tax revolt to get the politicians in Washington to respect the peoples wishes and deport all illegals.

  • John Berry

    The law in Alabama is doing exactly what they intended it to do. “There have been reports of illegal immigrants fleeing the state; in some cases, the country.”
    There is no God or country given right on earth for one nation’s citizens to move to another country without permission.
    Foreign nationals who are in the US without permission and those who harbor them are freaking out about Alabama’s laws. This is mostly the Latin community.
    Immigrants who came legally, such as the Vietnamese community, are not in the least worried about the law.
    So the effect is to make it difficult for unregistered foreign nationals to remain in the state sans ID or legal permission. They leave on their own out of frustration . Those that decide to stay and tough it out do face the possibility of deportation. They are not entitled to stay in the US.
    Regardless of the “Race Card” being pulled constantly by activists, the issue is the citizens of other countries in violation of US laws no matter what color they are.

  • Anonymous

    Immigration, Voter fraud and E-Verify.


    Secretary of State’s office is obligated to administer elections and investigate
    allegations of voter fraud. Brian P. Kemp, who is Georgia Secretary of State, said that Georgia’s elections are among the most secure in the
    nation, and we take every measure possible to guarantee the integrity,
    security, and fairness of our elections process. Election and voter fraud
    undermines the very foundations of our great state and country, and will not be
    tolerated under any circumstances. Then in the Liberal Progressive window or a
    leftist Democrat Congressman called Keith Ellison from Minnesota’s wants
    to impose on his state a slack election system and also on the rest of this sovereign
    nation. This moron has introduced two bills to impose the worst two
    aspects of Minnesota’s system on the entire country. This arrangement
    undermines election integrity and trust we used to share as citizens. 


    This Democrat “Same Day
    Registration Act” H.R. 3316 and its attendant H.R. 3317 would involve all
    states to allow unconfirmed voters to register and vote on Election Day. This
    would be outrageous enough and is mild compared to being infuriated by the
    second bill, namely “Voter Access Protection Act,” which would forbid states
    from requiring voters to show photo ID.  Perhaps 25 years ago—but not
    anymore, when we have notorious groups like Acorn, caught using low-life’s
    collecting hundreds of thousands of registrations, which should have been flushed
    down the toilet. Democrats are out to win the presidential race, in any way
    they can—and have, as ACORN was prosecuted by numerous state attorneys for
    fraudulent voter registrations. Its federal funding dropped a supposedly
    dismantled, but however it has resurfaced in New York under a new name.  To me and I’m sure to tens of millions of TEA
    PARTY members this is beyond incredulous, that any politician would try to
    destroy what little is left of our freedoms. Under no restraint H.R. 3316, in
    expelling all photo identification necessities, and H.R. 3317, that would allow
    people to walk into a polling station, register and vote straight away in all
    50 states. GOD HELP US!


    America can no longer support the poverty entering this country.
    If we don’t look after our own veterans, our own homeless, how we supposed to
    be the PPO health care for the world. This is an invitation to financial
    disaster, when large parts of the 16 percent living in poverty are illegal
    migrants and immigrants


    Rep. Ellison states his proposals
    are needed to “curb voter suppression” and shield the rights of young, elderly and
    minority voters, except photo ID laws in 14 other states have been challenged
    in America and state Supreme Courts and plaintiffs have no evidence that a
    single voter would be disenfranchised by those laws. Perhaps Mr. Ellison should
    investigate the growing trend of illegal aliens or even permanent residence,
    either by being misled by registration canvassers or using ‘The Motor Voter’
    bill to vote. This is extremely dangerous in very close races and has been prevalent
    in many states throughout the nation. Hopefully the citizens of Vermont see
    through this reckless law, and drive this unpatriotic fool from Montpelier.


    The state of Georgia maintains a
    website for US citizens or any individual to inform the Secretary of State of
    violations in their voting law. In fact every American state should provide a
    website to report this serious wrongdoing, as it is undermining the basic
    foundation of citizen’s right to vote. This is not just a threat within a the
    polling stations, but where anybody could walk in and profess to be a citizen,
    Under bills introduced by Rep. Ellison brought to  Congress or in his own state of Vermont would
    have irredeemable consequence  to our
    electoral system. , One of the easiest documents to forge—is the absentee
    ballot. Outside of the influence of a Secretary of State’s Elections Division
    is easily compromised.


    We already have almost
    indescribable problems with the illegal aliens side-stepping our borders, or
    slipping through air terminals.  Every
    American state should power their politicians to supply a law, that every
    American has a government photo ID to vote. In addition today when our country
    is carrying a near 15 Trillion deficit, we need to start repatriating all
    illegal foreign nationals. When our elderly cannot find a seat in a clogged
    emergency room, as the hospital has become overpopulated with illegal parents
    and their children. That these impoverished people have no conception of the
    cost for a minor infection, an Aspirin or major treatment. That these are unfunded
    mandates, which include the education of their many children, is carried by the
    US taxpayers.


    Overcrowded public school
    classroom, congested hospital emergency waiting rooms, is what’s seen above the
    surface—the massive financial costs are hidden below. Over a $113 Billion
    dollars is attributed to subsidizing foreign aliens, so surveyed by a Heritage
    foundation report.


    No matter where these
    undocumented are from, they must go home. This is where Lamar Smiths E-VERIFY
    is so urgently important. The ‘LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT’ will shift the legal
    responsibility, over to the employer. They will be charged with insuring every
    worker fills in a I-9 form and identifies the recipient, who has been hired.
    That the business owner checks their ’Right to Work’ verification through the
    federal E-Verify process. Those who are ineligible can verify their lawful
    status, through appearing at the nearest Social Security office, to rectify any
    problem. Of course No Liberal associated newspaper pass this information,
    staying silent about any irregularities as they are determined to cripple any
    chance of this commonsense bill from becoming law.


    Every American can do their part,
    to insure that ‘THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT’ (H.R.2885) and get to the floor of the
    House of Representatives. It’s the only way to get future satisfaction of
    saving the billions of dollars we give reluctantly, to illegal aliens.
    E-Verify–the bill would require 100% of businesses to begin using E-Verify for
    all new hires within 2 years and require all federal and state governments to
    check new hires and existing employees within 6 months. Although the official
    figures estimates there are only 11.5 million illegal aliens in the US, other
    reputable organizations exceeds this number by at least another 10 million. Of
    these 8.5 foreign nations have claimed a job unlawfully, while 22 to 24 million
    citizens and legally here residents are unemployed. These are non-agricultural
    numbers and this could be reduced by the immediate vote of ‘The legal Workforce



    Unknown numbers of illegal
    families began departing Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina, with the
    introduction of harsh policing laws and headed for other states with more
    flexible immigration laws—California and Nevada included.  Sanctuary States will be overwhelmed, with economic
    illegal aliens, looking for free money and other easy accessed welfare
    benefits. Thousands of American workers are already replacing the illegal
    absconders, as business have no option but to look elsewhere for labor. The
    days of cheap illegal labor is over and so are the big profits they have for


    There is no time to wait, as
    E-Verify must become mandatory, instead as it is now—voluntary. Hundreds of
    thousands of businesses are now hooked up to the electronic program and can now
    vet their workers. Businesses that are not using E-Verify needs to learn an
    expensive lesson of harsh fines, company profit confiscation and prison for
    hiring unauthorized labor. Rick Perry unlike most of the others, is true GOP
    establishment and  not a member of the
    TEA PARTY leadership.


    Citizens and legal residents must
    challenge the Republicans dominated House and insist on E-Verify. The ‘Ways and
    Means Committee led by Majority Speak John Boehner (R-OH) must adopt the Mandatory E-Verify Bill (H.R. 2885.) and should be bombarded with insistent
    voters. Reps. Chip Cravaack (R-Minn.), Tim Johnson (R-Ill.), Reps.
    Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.V.) and Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) have cosponsored House
    Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith’s Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2885), with new
    members to sponsor in the forthcoming wings.  
    Not sure what to do? Go to
    NumbersUSA web site, where you can freely fax politicians or you can also can
    locate them through this phone number at 202-224-312; the Congressional Switchboard.


    of last Friday, November 4, 2011 currently has 54 sponsors and 32 co-sponsors.


    Our freedoms and liberty are under constant attack by the
    Liberals, Democrats and even hard core Republicans, so that’s why everybody is
    fed up with the usual trash from Washington; ‘The Quid Pro Quo’ should join the
    massive population of the growing TEA PARTY. We must anticipate that in the
    2011 Presidential race, the impending gubernatorial and state legislative
    elections in Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia will be electing governors.
    . In addition, 578 state legislative seats are available, with the
    majority  of these in Louisiana,
    Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia where the fate of politicians are in the
    hands of voters. ILLEGAL ALIENS HAVE
    BEEN VOTING AND WILL IN THE FUTURE. Democrats are looking the other way, as
    this has been happening nationwide. We must be watchful of Congressman as Keith
    Ellison, who could cripple our voting system. Ellison would weaken our nation’s
    policies even more so, than the voting regulations are already so poorly

  • Vince Calhoun

    The courts are an enemy of the American citizen when they prevent us from enforcing our immigration laws.

  • redbird

    State Enforcement works – Illegals Self-Deporting. Criminals usually do when Laws are ENFORCED. So far 17 ? States have passed Laws for the protection of their Citizens and State, while the Feds side with foreign governments, over the citizens they represent. Our tax dollars pay the salaries of these 0ath violating traitors, who are using 0ur money to Sue these States.
    All illegal Aliens and those that help them are Criminals.
    Please Call Congress (866-220-0044) Demand 0ur Immigration Laws be Enforced.
    E-Verify and 287g Nationwide to Expose and DEPORT ALL illegal Aliens.

  • Anonymous

    Arizona, Alabama, now Indiana…guess where Americans go for a fair shake?

    Guess where the illegals are heading to – California.

  • Anonymous

    Arizona, Alabama, now Indiana…guess where Americans go for a fair shake?

    Guess where the illegals are heading to – California.

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  • John Berry

    Indiana can join the list of states the Mexican Senators will be coming to visit. They will want to explain how the state is wrong for making laws contrary to the right of their citizens to be in the US illegally. They will be swinging through several states including Arizona, Alabama, Utah and Georgia.
    Enough worries about the civil rights of these people. The involvement of Mexico proves beyond all doubt that they are not American citizens.
    They have countries, governments and civil rights. They don’t need to share ours. They can go home and enjoy their own.

  • Anonymous

    “Delph says the people of Indiana will ultimately have to decide whether
    tougher immigration reform is something the legislature needs to
    Even when the people decide, the courts end up undermining the will of the people…especially the federal courts which take on cases proffered by the likes of La Raza, the ACLU, and the DOJ!
    Reardon’s sentiment about Delph’s being “addicted to the limelight” is way off base and an attempt to confuse the issue.  Delph, like many patriotic Americans, just wants our laws enforced and our citizens’ and legal residents’ rights protected against the unreasonable demands of illegal occupiers and their misguided supporters.
    Every citizen needs to demand that their state pass tough-anti-illegal-immigration laws similar to Arizona, Georgia, and Alabama. Some states are considering it. When will the federal government finally understand that “We The People” want our borders and sovereignty protected?  After 5 states pass such laws? Ten states? Twenty-eight? 

  • Anonymous

    If every state in the Union adopted Alabama’s Law, the illegals would be forced to leave our country as they would have no place to go. What is very troubling though, is that the illegals are leaving their anchor babies behind in Foster care. How can this be, as they made the choice to have them, then they just leave them behind for us to continue to pay for them.  Then when the child turn of legal age they can as supposed American Citizens, petition for the Family to come back into the country and guess again who pays for their benefits and everything else? WE the American People!! These are not American Citizens and therefore should leave with their parents. These are the new angry la raza members that blame us for the conscious decisions of their parents. The language of the 14th Amendment must be clarified to stop the abuse of our system, as it was meant of the slaves after the Civil War.. Success to ALL the States that stop the madness and the invasion..

  • Anonymous

    If the illegals were in their own countries, I could care less what they do. But, the fact ofd the matter is that they are here as welcomed invaders who are doing the bidding of the Governemnt of Mexico and their la raza masters who tell them that we stole their land and they are taking it back. There is much more at stake than just an invasion that’s taking place here and liberal minded people like you are just willing to keep paying an paying while being sold out..

  • Anonymous

    Just what you brought up should shed ALOT of insight into the type of people/person that we’re dealing with here…these are NOT ethical people, they come from corruption & that is all they understand!–when it comes to protesting or in front of an “advocate”, they always pull out that old ” ripping families apart”…boowoo, but it’s really just a show, just crockodile tears…sad!!!

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