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WFIU's Arts Desk Editor, Yaël seeks out and shepherds the stories of artists, musicians, writers, and other creative people. In addition, Yaël co-hosts A Moment of Science, writes essays for A Moment of Indiana History, produces Speak Your Mind (WFIU's guest editorial segment), hosts music and news hours throughout the week, and lends her voice to everything from accounting courses to nature documentaries. Yaël holds a MFA in painting from Indiana University, an MA in art history from Columbia University, and a BA from the University of Virginia, where she studied languages and literature.

Recent posts by Yaël

August 12, 2013


model of trash truck and sanitation worker

Talking Trash in Jasper

Jasper chose the General Electric Company to oversee a project designed to install a garbage disposer in every home in the town.

August 5, 2013


turn-of-century photo of outdoor meal

A Sunday School Spectacular

In a time when modern transportation and communication had yet to transform rural America, churches were often at the center of small-town social life.

July 29, 2013


old telephone on the wall, red wallpaper, view through doorway

Tin Cans Strung Across The Cornfield

In the 1910s and 1920s, many farmers created their town small telephone systems.

July 22, 2013


poet at copy stand for a reading, art exhibited behind him

Indiana’s Second Poet Laureate

Hoosier Poet Laureate Norbert Krapf's love of place runs throughout many of his writings.

July 15, 2013


engraving of cholera victims

Suddenly, Last Summer (In Lafayette)

In 1849, no one knew what caused cholera—a miasma in the air emanating from filth in the street,or living a life that was dissolute or intemperate

July 8, 2013


early 20th century photo of people under and next to white awnings at an outdoor gathering

Remembering The Show On The Road

At the turn of the last century, traveling chautauquas brought rural and small town residents cultural entertainment with a religious component.

July 1, 2013


newspaper illustration representing the union defending itself against southern sympathisers during the civil war

Traitors To The Union? Democrats In Civil War-Era Indiana

During the Civil War, Indiana Republicans continually worried that many Hoosier Democrats were conspiring with the South to overthrow the state government.

June 24, 2013


1950s portable radio

Win-Win: The Mutual Ascent Of Basketball And Radio

And when station owners went looking for popular programming that would draw fans and encourage advertisers, they discovered that one sure bet was basketball.

June 17, 2013


Rose Orphan Home

Terre Haute’s Advocate for Childcare Reform

Childcare advocate Lyman Alden was ahead of his time, and the children who passed through Rose Orphan Home benefited from his compassion and dedication.

June 10, 2013


excerpt of an 1850 census

The 1850 Census And The Lost Citizens Of Richmond

Richmond had grown rapidly since the construction of the National Road, so citizens were dismayed to discover their town had officially decreased in population

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