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Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight

As he waits for word of resolution on agreements between Fiat and Chrysler and between General Motors and parts manufacturer Delphi, Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight says he’s trying to find a silver lining to a 14.6% unemployment rate in his city.

“Our numbers show that we’re the second-highest in the state for unemployment, behind the Elkhart region,” Goodnight said. “We’re facing the same economy that everyone else is nationally, but we’re being hit just a little bit harder.  We have a very limited amount of revenue with the city, so we continue to try to spend that wisely.”

Speaking on WFIU’s “Ask the Mayor,” Goodnight said a letter to Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne extending him an invitation to Kokomo has, so far, gone unanswered.  Goodnight said he hopes to show the large number of laid off auto workers means the city is ripe for reinvestment in a new wave of green car manufacturing.

  • Nancy Carpenter

    Mr. Mayor, I have a suggestion that I believe many taxpayers in the Kokomo area would agree with. Instead of “beautifying the city—courthouse included)” why not keep some of the jobs that you and the council are getting rid of? One of the things that my family and I were upset with Mayor McKillip for doing was spending our tax dollars to Beautify the city. All the money spent on flowers,etc didn’t help our city any. I feel the same goes for the decorating of the courthouse lawn, the proposed bandstand in Foster park, and other things that aren’t necessary.
    People will be more inclined to reside in Kokomo if Kokomo provides decent jobs, child care for those who work at menial jobs and can’t afford it, and other things that will help individuals–not the city official’s reputations. Where is your loyalty? I thought you would truly be for the people, but now I am not so sure.
    I hope you and the council do some reconsidering when it comes to doing away with jobs of any kind. Just like the auto makers, the cost-cutting should start at the top–not with those who make things work right!

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