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Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan

Mayor Kruzan says he's surprised to hear some Monroe County Democrats believe he's key to replacing Vi Simpson in the Indiana Senate.

The mayor apologizes for the road construction causing gridlock in the city but says there was little way the city could have both saved money and staggered the projects so they didn’t happen simultaneously.

  • Julius

    Greeting Mayor Kruzan! In 1993, and perhaps today as well, ALL freshmen were required to live in the dorms. My question is: has President McRobbie considered suggesting no cars on campus for Freshmen so as to promote carpooking, the bus service and green living.? We’re fortunate to have great cab services, a bus service and other methods of transportation. And if we could begin with the incoming class, perhaps there could be a reduction in carbon emissions, and a promotion in green living overall. Live Well and Prosper!! 

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