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December 17, 2009  

Poverty and Homelessness

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  • Johnathan Grant

    I have to admit the IBM-led system does have its flaws, but as a younger person who prefers to use the web when possible, I have actually found it more convenient than the old system probably would have been. I haven’t had to make or keep any specific time appointments, and instead I can submit things by FAX or mail at any time. Also I think FSSA should do a better job of informing clients they can log in at to track the progress of an application or case online. Once I discovered that, it was much easier to confirm my application was entered correctly, and confirm FSSA/IBM receipt of requested documentation.

    So in any case, while I can certainly see why many elderly, disabled, or other traditional clients may prefer a face to face option (and it should be available for anyone who wants it) I also like the new technology and think that especially as younger people need services in this tough economy, it is really helpful to access them online.