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Week of January 5

Remembering Christopher Hogwood

We’re devoting the program to the life and accomplishments of early music luminary, Christopher Hogwood. We’ll look back on his days with David Munrow and the Early Music Consort of London; we’ll hear from Hogwood as a solo keyboardist; and we’ll sample from the over 200 recordings he made with the Academy of Ancient Music. Plus, we have a featured release from Boston’s Handel and Haydn Society, an organization for which Hogwood was conductor laureate. Join us as we remember Christopher Hogwood.

Week of January 12


What’s the right way to commemorate loss? For many composers grappling with the death of a colleague or patron, the best memorial proved to be… music. Medieval-, renaissance-, and baroque-era composers penned lavish, sometimes tormented, elegies for departed mentors, partners, and friends. This week on Harmonia, we’ll hear a selection of musical memorials. (Repeat of May 19, 2014) LISTEN HERE

Week of January 19

Flights of Fancy

We take to the skies as we explore music by, for, and about birds. Well, maybe not music by birds, but a wealth of music exists inspired by these “poets of the sky.” In addition, we’ll explore the evolution of the instrumental fantasia, from Byrd to Bach. Flights of fancy, indeed!

Week of January 26

Tainted Love

Love is patient; love is kind…except when it’s anything but! Some sweet nothings have sour endings, and sometimes that box of chocolates proves to be a bitter pill. Love’s gone bad this week on Harmonia, as we explore music by-and for-the brokenhearted: Toil and trouble in cupid’s domain, plus a “sweet” featured release called Doulce Memoire. (Repeat of June 2, 2014) LISTEN HERE

Week of February 2


Music is many things to many people. The late poet Maya Angelou called music her refuge. To Jack Kerouac, music was “the only truth.” And to composers and musicians through the ages, music was bread and board—and sometimes muse! We’ll hear music about music this week on Harmonia. (Repeat of September 22, 2014) LISTEN HERE

Week of February 9

Call Me Cate

Catherine, Caterina, Cate: it’s a perennially popular name shared by sovereigns, singers and saints alike. This week on Harmonia, we’ll hear music by, for and about various Catherines from history, and we’ll shine a spotlight on the early music performer Catherine Mackintosh. Plus, we’ll feature a release from the ensemble La Reverdie. (Repeat of June 23, 2014) LISTEN HERE

Week of February 16

You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry

Laughter and tears: Two of the most human forms of expression. We laugh when we’re happy, and sometimes even when we’re not; we cry for almost as many reasons as there are tears—for pride, grief, annoyance, and of course, love. But how do you snicker—or sob—in song? You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, this week on Harmonia. (Repeat of September 29, 2014) LISTEN HERE

Week of February 23

Down on the Farm

Old MacDonald had a farm…and this week on Harmonia, so do we! We’ll throw open the barn doors to showcase music inspired by sheep, cats, chickens—even the frogs down by the creek. Tune in for musical clucks and baas! Plus, we’ll feature a release by Ensemble Amarillis about a “faithful shepherd.”

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