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Week of October 26

A Tribute to Scott Reiss

We’re marking the tenth anniversary of the death of Scott Reiss, virtuoso recorder player and champion of early and traditional music. We’ll hear a remembrance from Reiss’ partner in life and music, Tina Chancey, and we’ll listen to a variety of music from his many projects and recordings. Join us!

Week of November 2

Does Your Voice Hang Low?

This week on Harmonia, we’re getting the lowdown on music written for gentlemen with supremely subterranean vocal ranges. No doubt, there’s something special about that “basso profundo” sound. Plus, our featured release by Christopher Wolverton and the Vox Early Music Ensemble takes record-setting depths with performances that include the lowest known ranges in Renaissance vocal music. Join us. (Repeat of June 22, 2015) LISTEN HERE

Week of November 9


What do LCD Soundsystem, Solage, the Beastie Boys, and Johannes de Porta all have in common? Give up? They’ve all engaged in the art of musical name-dropping, paying respect to the masters that came before them, (or the patrons providing the paychecks). This week on Harmonia, we’ll bring you music that gives credit where credit is due. Plus, our featured release by Musica Nova showcases a work that takes the time to acknowledge every one of the choir members who sang it with the composer. Join us. (Repeat of July 13, 2015) LISTEN HERE

Week of November 16

A Thomas Binkley Retrospective

In 1995, the early music pioneer Thomas Binkley died in his home in Bloomington, Indiana. At 63, Binkley was a gardener, a putterer, a husband and father, and still something of a musical firebrand-shaping the way medieval music was performed in American and beyond. Twenty years later, we’re spending some time with Binkley, listening to his words, his music, and the musical offerings of some of his many students.

Week of November 23

Missa Brevis

Cars, gadgets, literature, and even cuisine seem to be getting smaller as the years go on, but miniaturization is nothing new! This week on Harmonia, we’ll hear bite-sized masses artfully composed to end as quickly as possible. Plus, we’ll hear equally minute English consort miniatures in our featured release by the Flanders Recorder Quartet. Join us! (Repeat of April 13, 2015) LISTEN HERE

Week of November 30

A Tribute to Margriet Tindemans

This week on Harmonia, we’re paying tribute to Margaretha “Margriet” Tindemans, an early music pioneer and “ferociously talented” medieval fiddle player who passed away December 31, 2014. Join us for a special remembrance brought to us by Margriet’s colleague and good friend, gambist Wendy Gillespie. (Repeat of July 6, 2015) LISTEN HERE

Week of December 7

A Baroque Christmas in the New World

We’re celebrating the holiday season with music from 17th- and 18th-century Mexico, Peru and Bolivia, including a cantata and three free-standing works by colonial Mexican composer Manuel de Sumaya—most of which come from the only surviving full-score manuscript in Sumaya’s own hand! Listen as the musicians of the Historical Performance Institute at the Jacobs School of Music of Indiana University bring these sparkling works to life once again. (Repeat of December 22, 2014) LISTEN HERE

Week of December 14

Christmas Carols, Chant and Legend

We’re celebrating Christmas on Harmonia with music from a variety of traditions. We’ll explore the original tunes of two well-known carols, hear music based on legends of Saint Nicholas, and sample Byzantine chant sung during the Christmas season. Plus, baroque orchestra Apollo’s Fire offers a gift of Celtic holiday music in our featured release. (Repeat of December 17, 2012) LISTEN HERE

Week of December 21

Plectrums, Pizzicato and Plucks

We’re devoting this edition of Harmonia to instruments of the plucked variety. Lutes, guitars, harps and harpsichords will pick and pizz us through the hour. Plus, we have a special tribute from Paul O’Dette for friend and fellow lute player Pat O’Brien who passed away in 2014, and a feature release from Armonia Celeste called Lover’s Beware. (Repeat of July 20, 2015) LISTEN HERE

Week of December 28


Music isn’t a secretive art. Loud or soft, it demands an audience! But if you peer a little closer, musical history has its share of riddles. We’re donning our detective hats this week on Harmonia as we winkle out musical secrets large and small. From secret codes to secret scandals, plus a featured release by recorder player Sabina Frey. Join us!

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