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SunPatiens: Impatiens That Won’t Wilt In Full Sun

If SunPatiens® live up to the claims made in their advertising campaign, our gardens will be full of them in no time.

Plant breeders have been busy, and now SunPatiens® is the newest member of the impatiens family, and as one would guess, it is a sun tolerant variety of the tried-and-true favorite annual. It also is advertised as blooming longer and being bushier than the impatiens that we all use in our shady spaces. It is also described as blooming earlier in the spring and keeping up its profuse bloom until frost.

One of SunPatiens®’ parents is the New Guinea type, but unlike it, this new sun lover does not wilt in full sun even in the south. The blooms are described as bold and beautiful, and there are three different types of the plant:

  1. “Landscape” plants spread yet are compact, with a rounded habit, deep green-colored foliage and white, orange, red and magenta flowers;
  2. “Spreading” plants are recommended for hanging baskets, as well as beds, and they have  two-toned, golden-edged green leaves, and the marketers claim they will spread yet remain compact and never wilt;
  3. The “Compact” type of plants, recommended for containers as well as beds, is just 24 to 28 inches tall and grows in a tight mound (unlike the ‘Landscape’ type, which makes mounds and has 2 to 3 foot tall plants with solid green foliage).

All types produce flowers that are 2 to 3 inches wide. If these plants live up to the claims made in their advertising campaign, our gardens will be full of them in no time. So many choices…

Moya Andrews

, originally from Queensland, Australia, served as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculties at Indiana University until 2004. In the same year, Moya began hosting Focus on Flowers for WFIU. In addition, Moya does interviews for Profiles, is a member of the Bloomington Hospital Board, and authored Perennials Short and Tall from Indiana University Press.

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  • Johnyates09

    I'm sorry to disagree with you but,I live in the south,Central Georgia and the Sunpatiens DO WILT in the sun. They are planted on the south side of my home and get direct sunlight from 10am until 4pm when they get shaded. They are watered every morning at 6 when the sprinkler system comes on for a good 45 minutes. They do bounce back after they are in the shade but,to claim they are total sun lovers is not a true statement.

  • Bcrane4

    I agree with the comment.I have found that they stay much prettier if they or not kept in the full sun.

  • AL Forte

    Probably you dirt does not have anything in it to retain water. In a hot climate anything will wilt if soil goes dry. Try some Canadian peet in the soil, this stopped the problem for me…

  • Cynthia Hutchison

    Hi! I am here in Southern California. I bought sunpatiens about two months ago. Have kept them in containers on a ledge of our patio under the roof where they do not get sun, just reflected light. They are not blooming! We placed the containers in the full sun for a couple of days thinking I was depriving them of light, but they wilted and have looked 100% better since they’re back in the shade. But still no flowers! Any suggestions? Recently we fertilized them with rose and flower fertilizer, hoping for the best.

  • Dru Vaughn

    I have Sunpatiens here in Arkansas. They are in full sun on my patio and are absolutely stunning. Zero wilt or browning leaves. Huge blossoms and very easy to maintain. They are in a well draining pot, I water when about a 1/2 inch of top soil feels dry. Growth rate is great. Got mine at Walmart. I plan to have all colors. Iam a fan.

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