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Coats Talks Social Security on Ellsworth’s Home Turf

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Coats discussed Social Security during a lunch-time address to the Evansville Rotary Club Tuesday.

Coats at hospital

Photo: St. Francis Hospital, Indianapolis

Republican Senate candidate Dan Coats told the group of medical professionals that met with him in Indianapolis that if elected, he will work to reform the health care plan recently passed by Congress.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Coats made a lunch-time address to the Evansville Rotary Club Tuesday. During the question and answer session, Coatstalked aboutthe so-called third rail of American politics, Social Security.

“Touch that and you’ll be accused of taking away people’s Social Security,” he said. “When we’re trying to prolong it sand make it safer.  Nope, we’re going to nail you on this.  And we’re hearing that this year.”

Coats has proposed fixes to Social Security like raising the eligibility age, changing how standard of living increases are calculated, or cutting back on benefits for the wealthy.

“It’s either do that now — sit down, have adult discussion, hopefully a bipartisan discussion — this is more important than making poltical hay out of it every two years. And make these adjustments and save the system for people that have contributed to it and need it when they retire,” he said.

In his speech, Coats said the overwhelming issues in Indiana’s open Senate race are related to the nation’s stagnant economy. Hesaid if federal spending levels remain unchecked, the result will eventually be massive tax increases or a collapse of necessary government services.He called for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, which would limit the federal government’s borrowing…and he called for tax reforms to make America more competitive in the global market. Coats’ opponent, Representative Brad Ellsworth, will address the Evansville Rotary Club next week.