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Indiana Election 2011 | Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations

Some Bartholomew County Early Voters Can Now Recast Vote

Last minutes changes among the candidates means changes to the ballot.


Photo: Daniel Robinson

County election officials say only two voters have thus far requested new ballots.

Early voters in three precincts of Bartholomew County have the opportunity to recast their vote, but it’s not mandatory. The revote is available due to three recent ballot changes. Hope Town Council incumbent Harry Meek passed away. Columbus Township Advisory Board member Matthew Pumphrey and Clay Township Advisory Board member Stacy Baker both moved out of their precinct, making them ineligible. Bartholomew County Clerk Tami Hines says the Election Board decided to mail letters to voters to inform them of the changes. So about a week ago, 472 letters were mailed out.

“The letter clearly states that your entire ballot is still valid, the only thing that won’t count on your first ballot is if you happened to have voted for the candidate that no longer exists on the ballot.” Hines said.

Hines says as of Friday morning, only two voters had requested a new ballot. Voting will continue at the Bartholomew County courthouse from 8 to 3 Saturday and until noon on Monday.