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Remembering 2012, Pizzas Fresh From The Oven

We take a look back at 2012 with highlights from four of our favorite interviews. Then a recipe from our archives -- homemade thin crust pizzas pies.


Photo: Adam P. Schweigert

Don't have access to a $20,000 brick pizza oven? A $5.00 pizza stone will give you the same results!

I love selling at the farmers market and I love the farmer camaraderie. It’s sort of the modern-day equivalent of what might used to happen at the grain tower in the mornings.

But what farmer Jodee Ellett doesn’t necessarily enjoy is all the preparation and time that goes into selling her food at market. A local food hub would give her more opportunities to sell her harvest with less organizational work. We’ll play a snippet from that interview along with three other selections from interviews we loved from 2012.

After that, we speak with Matthew Locricchio about how to get teenagers to be more adventurous eaters.

Mary Lu Orr uses some dried flowers, plants and herbs to make decorative bouquets that double as fireplace starters.

And then her son, Chef Daniel Orr, fires up the oven to make thin crust pizza pies.

Stories On This Episode

Drugged-Up Horsemeat (From U.S.) Showing Up In Europe

horsemeat sashimi

The EU is beginning to have second thoughts about consuming horsemeat. Many American horses are given drugs -- drugs human beings should never consume.

Gene Baur Interview, Part 1: Compassion For Farm Animals

Gene Baur With Bubbles the Turkey

In part one of our interview with Farm Sanctuary's Gene Baur, he talks about how animals are treated on factory farms and why vegan living is his religion.

What Does Perfect Barbecue Taste Like?

i heart memphis barbecue

Food writer Lynn Schwartzberg took her love of barbecue to the next level by becoming an official KCBS barbecue judge. She explains how to cook perfect ribs.

Beyond Farmers Market: Food Hubs Expand Access To Local Food

vendor and customer at farmers market

With interest in local food continuing to grow, producers are trying to find more ways to serve customers. That's where local food hubs come in.

Dr. Drew Ramsey, Part 1: Happiness On Your Plate


Dr. Drew Ramsey's new book "The Happiness Diet" links healthy eating with a healthy brain. Don't worry -- He's not asking you to kick your burger habit.

If They Buy It, They Will Try It


Chef Matthew Locricchio is not a vegetarian but with his new cookbook "Teen Cuisine," he's hoping to convince your teenager to try it out.

Re-Purposing Dried Plants In Fire-Starting Bouquets

Mary Lu Orr and her fire-starting bouquet

Instead of throwing dried plants, flowers and herbs in the compost bin, Mary Lu Orr likes to re-purpose them as fire-starting bouquets.

Seasonal Year-Round: Baking The Perfect Homemade Pizza Pie

a pizza just out of the oven

Today on the podcast: tips for making pizza at home, a recipe for pizza crust and then some topping inspiration to get your culinary creative juices flowing

Annie Corrigan

Annie Corrigan is a producer and announcer for WFIU. In addition to serving as the local voice for NPR's Morning Edition, she produces WFIU's weekly sustainable food program Earth Eats. She earned degrees in oboe performance from Indiana University and Bowling Green State University.

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