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Play 360

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Play 360

“Our playgrounds are very colorful. We use a palette of old tires, logs, chain…Things that can be found locally.” – Jon Racek, Executive Director

Play 360 works with volunteers to build playgrounds internationally. The organization believes that playground equipment leads to better education. Executive Director Jon Racek points to student engagement and teacher quality as areas that are improved by the availability of playgrounds.

Local organizations oversee the playgrounds. Play 360 provides the organizations with instructions on how to construct a playground and how the playgrounds can be used as an extension of the classroom.

The playgrounds ofter feature reused materials painted bright colors. An example of this is a set of tires that creates different equations when they are spun. This creates a space for students to play safely and educationally.

Play 360 and their volunteers need about 5 days to build a playground, and one playground serves about 200 students. However, one training session can teach 3 organizations to construct playgrounds and serve approximately 1,800 students.

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Play 360

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