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Indiana Motoring: Concours d'Elegance

Explore the history, stories, and secrets behind one of the most iconic venues at Indiana University.

Assembly Hall: Pride of Indiana reveals the compromises and behind-the scenes politics that resulted in the design of “the Carnegie Hall of college basketball.”

Watch a preview:

More than just a basketball arena, see the entertainment acts that have come to Assembly Hall, including the Rolling Stones, Elton John, and even a circus (that vowed never to return).

Discover little-known facts about Assembly Hall, such as proposed plans (allegedly quashed by Bob Knight) for an ice rink underneath the basketball court.

Take a tour of Assembly Hall after its 2015-16 renovation and see how the new features combined with the old enhance the experience and aura of this legendary facility.

Want to check out the renovated Assembly Hall live and in-person? Give to WTIU today and get tickets to an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour on June 24, 2017.


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