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A Place for Film: Summer Comedies

On this week's episode of A Place for Film, Andy and Jason sit down with Chelsey McKrill again and talk about comedies coming out this summer.


Photo: IU Cinema

The IU Cinema is located on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.

Episode 36: Discussing the Summer Comedies

On this week’s episode of A Place for Film, Andy and Jason sit down with Chelsey McKrill again to talk about comedies coming out this summer. It’s a great summer for comedy, and we discuss all of the comedies currently out, as well as why comedy has become such a big deal during summertime.

Chelsey joins us for her second episode, and as is the tradition on our show, we have her list her five favorite movies of all time.

This is also the last week for the DVD game, as I’ve essentially run out of DVD’s to bring to the table. The DVD game is when I bring 3 unwatched DVDs from my collection to the table and Jason will choose one for me to watch and discuss the next week.

Last week I watched West Side Story, which I discuss in this episode. Next episode, I’ll have watched Field of Dreams. However, I’ve only got about eight DVDs left. So rather than bring the same few back over and over, Andy is going to look for a new personal movie watching project. Have a project to suggest? Comment on this post, or follow us on Twitter: @iucinemapodcast

And Jason discusses his long-term project of watching 300 movies in one year, tracking them as he goes along. He started at the beginning of May, and was up to 34 as of this recording. He’s still going strong. Stick with us all year to find out how he’s doing.

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Movies Mentioned in this Episode (2011 Summer Comedies in Bold)

30 Minutes Or Less
Alpha Dog
Bad Teacher
Blade Runner
Boogie Nights
Cable Guy
Children Of Men
Crazy, Stupid, Love.
Deep Impact
Easy A
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Field Of Dreams
Freaky Friday
Friends With Benefits
Fright Night
Funny People
Going The Distance
Hangover Part 2
Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
High Lane
Horrible Bosses
Hot Rod
Hot Tub Time Machine
In A Better World
Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer
Kung Fu Panda 2
Larry Crowne
Mac Gruber
Meeks Cutoff
Mr. Poppers Penguins
No Strings Attached
Star Trek (2010)
Super 8
Synecdoche, New York
Talladega Nights
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The 40 Year Old Virgin
The Change-Up
The Chase
The Green Lantern
The Hangover, Part II
The Parent Trap
The Third Man
Touch Of Evil
Twin Peaks (TV)
V For Vendetta
Van Wilder
West Side Story

Andy Hunsucker

Andy Hunsucker is the creator and co-host of A Place for Film - The IU Cinema podcast. Along with his co-host Jason Thompson, he produces a weekly podcast focusing on events at the IU Cinema, and film at Indiana University. He also designs posters and video animations for the Cinema on a volunteer basis.

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  • Mr. Hulot

    First off, the IU Cinema itself is brilliant.  Love it.  I’ve been wishing for a venue such as this in Bloomington for forever.  I’m a huge fan of art, avant garde, experimental, surreal film, as well as most film in general, and the IU Cinema definitely delivers when it comes to more obscure/classic/foreign/art/experimental films that pretty much only true film buffs would seek out and know about, prior to being shown.  Now let me preface/cushion what I’m about to say, by saying that I listen to the IU Cinema podcast regularly……and enjoy it.  I enjoy pretty much anything that has to do with film, and feel like it is pretty cool having a regular podcast devoted to film coming out of Bloomington.  Andy and Jason seem like genuinely nice guys who love film, but………..and this is a big but…….the movies which are mostly discussed on the podcast are so commonplace/mainstream/bugglegum-pop/big budget BS.  I don’t want to come off sounding like an elitist a-hole, but, really, the films that are shown at the IU Cinema, and the films that the majority of the running time of the podcasts are devoted to, are really not even in the same league.  I enjoy mainstream movies, too…….who doesn’t.  You can’t have filet mignon all of the time, or you will begin to lose just how quality and delicious that an amazing steak really can be…….you have to have a Big Mac or some White Castle every once in awhile.  Everyone enjoys mindless rubbish every once in awhile.  I just wish more of the podcast’s running times were devoted to the entertainment and education of film buffs, much like the IU Cinema itself, as opposed to discussing “films” that are marketed to the lowest common denominator/average drooling cineplex movie attendee.  I struggle a little with writing this as I do hear Andy reference/discuss old classics/Criterion/arthouse films now and then, so I get the sense that the podcast is developing/growing with the podcaster’s ever-growing film knowledge…..and I really like that aspect of the show.  But, please, please, you don’t have to devote so much time to Hollywood milquetoast garbage…….the big studios are already spending so much money shoving and shoveling this trash in all of our faces.  The little arthouse/foreign/independent/experimental films, that the IU Cinema is showing, are the ones that really need any extra attention/press that they can get.  I really do like the podcast, but would love to hear it’s contents embrace film that, dare I say, really matters. 

    What started this overly long diatribe?  You though “Suspiria” was boring?  What are you talking about?  This is the kind of thing I have a problem with……..lets devote a 1/2 hour to talking about “Top Gun”(?), but dismiss “Suspiria” as boring…..!?!!  Good taste is subjective, but…… ain’t got it, son.  You guys need some serious film schooling, and I’m not talking about taking some stuffy film class…..I’m talking about going to Plan 9 and renting some quality films……really digging deep….spending time with director’s who created the language of film, and then tore that language apart.  Getting immersed in all genres of film…..otherwise you come off like you don’t have a clue in the world.  Wrapping this up….the episodes with Manny Knowles and James Naremore……ruled……were incredible.  I would love to hear more from these guys.  So much film knowledge, and very well spoken.  Great stuff!  Also, I miss hearing from Jon Vickers……dude is cool, hip, smart, and obviously really know his stuff.  I really do like the show, and look forward to the future of the podcast……whatever it may be. 

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