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March 22, 2011


a home thermostat

Inside Your Thermostat: How Two Pieces Of Metal Work Together

You may have looked at your thermostat and saw a piece of metal. Learn how the metal strip controls them temperature of your house.

February 24, 2011


sliding rock

Death Valley Mystery: Rocks That Move On Their Own

Death Valley has many mysteries, including one of nature's strangest phenomena: rocks that move on their own.

February 22, 2011


brown bear

Hibernating Bears Marvel Scientists

Hibernating bears reduce their metabolism 75 percent yet do not drop their core temperature.

February 18, 2011


Chicken noodle soup in a white bowl

How To Cool Down Soup

Why does blowing on hot soup help to cool it off?

February 16, 2011


snowflakes on a piece of grass

Why Does Snow Seem To Make Sounds In Winter?

We've all heard the creaking sound of snow in winter. Did you know there is science behind the sound?

July 23, 2010



Breezy Summer Beaches

Ever wonder why it is breezy at the beach in summer?

May 31, 2010



Why Windows Fog Up on a Cold Day

Don't you hate it when your windows fog up in winter? Want to learn why?

March 30, 2010



How Thermometers Work: Temperature and Volume

How does temperature affect our world? What does temperature measure? How is temperature related to volume?

December 3, 2009



Flash Points

What are flash points and at what temperature do they occur?

August 14, 2009


Bush-cricket on leaf

How To Calculate The Temperature With The Chirp Of A Cricket

Ever been camping and wondered what the temperature was? Here's a way to find out! All you need is wrist watch, your ears, and a little patience.

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