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December 27, 2011


periodic table

Please Welcome Two New Metals: Ununquadium And Ununhexium

Have you heard about the newest metals? They have been given temporary names, Ununquadium and Ununhexium.

July 31, 2007


Replica of Fat Man atomic bomb

The Sky Is Falling?

The dust that makes up fallout is so fine and high up in the atmostphere that it doesn't all fall hours, days, or even weeks after a nuclear blast.

September 27, 2003


Why Nuclear Waste Is Like a Birthday Party

Both kids and radioactive material need supervision. Like a child, an energetic radioactive molecule will become less energetic as it ages. Certain materials, like those used in radioactive medicines, have only low-level radioactivity and will decay in only a few days or months.

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