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September 17, 2010


penguin in profile

Decline In Penguin Population Linked To Human Activity

Penguins are being harmed by the changes to the environment.

November 19, 2009



Raindrops Of Many Sizes

Why are raindrops different sizes when they fall from the sky?

October 16, 2009


Lightning storm

The Shape Of Lightning Bolts

Why does lightning appear to have a jagged and irregular shape?

April 22, 2008


Red sunset over ocean

Red Sky at Night

People have been predicting weather since long before we had Doppler radar, and many of these prediction strategies have survived as popular folk sayings.

January 1, 2008


Raffaello Hit By Rogue Wave

Rogue Waves

For centuries mariners have told stories of ships sunk by huge isolated ocean waves, often in perfectly clear weather.

November 13, 2007


Arctic at sunset

Clouds Shining in the Night

If you ever visit the Arctic, you might see some really cool, luminescent clouds high up in the atmosphere. Scientists call them night shining clouds.

October 23, 2007


Hurricane Jeanne Off Of Florida

Hurricanes Heating Up and Cooling Down

You may have heard that global warming will result in more hurricanes that are larger and more destructive. In fact, most scientists believe this to be true.

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